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2020 Marks First Year Backyard Fireworks on 4th of July Legal in State of Florida


Independence Day is this Saturday, and as the weekend approaches, it’s worth remembering that this year, fireworks are legal on the 4th of July.

Previously, Floridians buying fireworks have been legally required to sign an affidavit stating their roman candles, sparklers and spinners will be used for agricultural and fishery purposes, specifically for “frightening birds from agricultural work” and fish hatcheries. However, this past April, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a proposed bill into law (SB 140) that allows people 18 and older to avoid pretenses when buying fireworks to detonate on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Independence Day.

However, it’s important to note that the law does not make fireworks legal at all times, only on holidays traditionally associated with them, hence: the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Therefore, Floridians will likely still have to sign an affidavit when making purchases at fireworks dealers as there is no guarantee to the seller when the buyer will actually use their products.

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