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Bahamas Christmas Breakfast


The holidays are a time for friends & family, gift-giving and breaking bread with all of your loved ones. However, it’s also a time to remember those who may be struggling through the Christmas season, and Bahamian families displaced by Hurricane Dorian are certainly some of them. Therefore, this year Pike & Lustig decided to be part of a special event for Bahamian kids who are spending their first Christmas in the US. On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Children’s Oasis International along with Sandy Collier hosted an authentic Bahamian Breakfast of which we were honored to sponsor.

Hundreds of families came for the event and were treated to an authentic Bahamian breakfast followed by a morning of gift giving for the children who’ve lost everything. “As a longtime resident and member of this community, it is important for my firm to support important causes and those individuals in need of help,” our own Michael Pike, Managing Partner of Pike & Lustig explained. Each child left the breakfast with at least two Christmas presents, one they got to open right away and one to be saved for Christmas morning.

What is an authentic Bahamian breakfast you ask? Well, it’s definitely not your usual eggs and toast. Guests enjoyed Stew Conch, Corn Beef, Steamed Tuna, Boiled Grouper, Chicken Souse, Steamed Bologna, Stew Fish, Yellow Grits, White Grits, Johnny Cake, Potato Bread, Hot Tea, Milo, Coffee, Apple and Orange Juice. The meal was graciously prepared by Sandy Collier and fellow Bahamians Funky Fritters Brandon Mervil, and Jerusha Terry. It was truly a meal for the ages, and an event that filled us all with Christmas Spirit!


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