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Common Construction Defects in Florida


A construction defect is typically defined as a flaw in design, materials, or workmanship that results in a failure of at least one component of a structure. Property owners have a right to seek financial compensation for damages caused by a construction defect. Notably, under Florida Law (Florida Statutes Chapter 558), property owners are required to send all relevant defendants — the developers, the contractors, etc. — a “notice of claim” identifying construction defects before pursuing litigation or any other legal remedy. Here, our experienced West Palm Beach construction litigation lawyers highlight some of the most common construction defects in South Florida.

Six of the Most Common Construction Defects

  1. Facade Leaks

South Florida gets more than its fair share of rain. With high humidity being a common occurrence, facade leaks can be a major issue. Unfortunately, faulty designs or poor craftsmanship can make a building vulnerable to serious facade leaks. Most often, facade leaks occur at or around joints. These leaks can be extremely costly to repair. 

  1. Faulty Windows

Faulty windows have also been known to cause significant issues. A poorly designed or improperly installed window can lead to serious leaks that eventually cause real structural damage. Extensive repairs may be required to replace windows. In some cases, the entire frame may need to be removed and reinstalled. 

  1. Roof Problems

No property owner wants to deal with any problems related to their roof. If a roof is leaking or otherwise causing issues, it may be defective. A brand new roof should not be leaking. Homeowners and commercial property owners who believe that they have a defective roof should take immediate action to protect their rights. 

  1. Defective Floors

For natural reasons, most types of floors will expand and contract over time. If floors are not properly designed or installed, water can seep into small cracks, potentially causing considerable damage. In the worst cases, toxic mold could even develop under the surface of the floor. 

  1. Cracks in Concrete

Defective concrete, particularly if it is related to a structure’s foundation, can be a difficult and frustrating problem to get fixed. Worse yet, visible cracks in concrete may be a warning sign of deep structural issues. It could cause permanent damage to the value of the property. 

  1. Hot and Cold Spots

HVAC problems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) may be a sign of a construction defect. A structure that has poor ventilation, poor airflow, or that cannot be cooled or heated in an even manner may have been defectively designed or defectively constructed.

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