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EEOC: South Florida Auto Dealership Settles Gender Discrimination Claim


On June 6th, 2018, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that The Collection, an automotive dealer based in South Florida, agreed to voluntarily settle a gender discrimination claim. In this article, our dedicated Miami employment law attorneys provide an overview of this case and explain the lessons that companies and workers in Florida can learn from this situation.

Gender Discrimination Settlement: Florida Car Dealer

A Coral Gables-based auto dealership, The Collection, reached an agreement with the EEOC to settle a gender discrimination claim that was filed by a female applicant who was unsuccessful in obtaining a position at the company. According to the press release from the EEOC, its investigation found evidence that suggested that the company had been discriminating against female applicants by failing to hire a sufficient amount into job positions in the sales department, despite receiving job interest from qualified female workers. Without admitting to or denying any culpability or wrongdoing, the South Florida auto dealer consented to the plan crafted by the EEOC. Specifically, the company agreed to do the following four things to remediate any harm:

  • Pay a monetary settlement to affected female job applicants;
  • Conduct comprehensive anti-discrimination training of its managers and employees;
  • Create a new position at the company to facilitate increased diversity in its staff; and
  • Work proactively to recruit additional female candidates for open positions in the future.

Discrimination in Hiring Practices is an Employment Law Violation 

Workers have important legal rights even before they are actually hired by a company. Under state and federal labor regulations, companies must avoid using discriminatory hiring practices when selecting employees. Gender is one of several factors that cannot be used as a basis to deny a person for a job.

In this case, as in many cases, female job applicants were the victims of the alleged discriminatory hiring practices. However, the reverse can certainly occur as well. In far too many cases, false and outdated stereotypes result in unconscious (or intentional) bias in the minds of those who are responsible for hiring. This case provides an instructive example of hiring-based gender discrimination. Due to outdated stereotypes, employers within the automotive industry may hold female candidates to higher standards during the hiring stage. This is unlawful.

If you were turned down from a job, and you believe that your gender was a driving factor, you may have been the victim of workplace gender discrimination. You need to protect your rights. On the flip side, if you are an employer, you need to be sure that your company has the proper hiring and training standards in place to ensure that no gender-based discrimination is taking place. 

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