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Florida Air Conditioning Repair Company Charged With Consumer Fraud, Allegedly Targeted Senior Citizens


Sadly, consumer fraud remains a serious problem in Florida. Our state consistently has more consumer fraud complaints per capita than the national average. In the latest in a long line of fraud claims filed in Florida, a company from Valrico was sued by state officials for allegedly defrauding its customers.

According to reporting from the Miami Herald, Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating was sued by Attorney General Ashley Moody on the grounds that it was “engaging in unfair or deceptive trade practices.” Among other things, the air conditioning repair company is alleged to have defrauded an 89-year-old homeowner out of more than $20,000.

Allegations: Material Misrepresentations, High Pressure Sales Tactics, and Financial Exploitation  

The Florida Attorney General alleges that Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating made material misrepresentations to actual and prospective customers—most often elderly homeowners—and then used high pressure sales tactics based on that false information.

Notably, this company previously entered into an agreement with the State of Florida to resolve other consumer complaints. Attorney General Moody alleges that the company’s conduct amounts to a violation of that agreement. Florida is seeking $10,000 in financial penalties for 16 different consumer complaints filed against Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating. 

Three Steps Consumer Fraud Victims Should Take to Protect their Rights 

  1. Document Everything

First and foremost, fraud victims need to document everything. If you suspect that you were a victim of consumer fraud in South Florida, make sure that you secure as much evidence as possible. Among other things, this includes preserving any correspondence that you received from the individual or company that committed the fraud. 

  1. File a Complaint

It is not a bad idea to ask for a refund directly. Legitimate businesses should offer some level of support. However, if you are having trouble getting a fair resolution, you should be ready to file a formal complaint—potentially with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or with the Florida Attorney General. 

  1. Get Professional Support

Finally, consumer fraud victims have the right to seek financial relief through a civil claim. If you suffered losses as a result of the fraudulent actions of a Florida business, an experienced fraud lawyer will protect your legal rights. 

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