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Florida Company Sues NBA Wife and Lifestyle Personality Ayesha Curry for Breach of Contract


The wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry is a well-known food and lifestyle personality. According to reporting from CBS San Francisco, she is now facing a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit from a former business partner. Flutie Entertainment—a Florida-based corporation with offices in Los Angeles and New York City—alleges that it was improperly cut out of the profits after helping her launch and brand her business.

The Business Relationship Was Terminated in 2019 

The legal complaint—which Flutie Entertainment filed in a Southern California superior court—alleges that Ayesha Curry terminated their commercial relationship in the spring of 2019 without adequate consideration or compensation. Prior to that, the company contends that it spent five years helping her launch her food/lifestyle business, including landing two television shows and publishing a successful cookbook.

After the relationship was terminated, Flutie Entertainment argues it was improperly cut out of the profits created by these business ventures. The Florida-based branding company alleges that Mrs. Curry denied its profits in breach of their contract. It is seeking $10 million in total damages, including a 50 percent ownership stake in one of her businesses. For her part, she is vigorously challenging the company’s allegations. An attorney for Mrs. Curry told reporters that the company’s claim is “completely unfounded” and “nonsensical.” They contend that the breach of contract claim is simply the result of a disgruntled former business partner. 

How Do Florida Courts Resolve Breach of Contract Disputes? 

Whether or not the legal claim in this has merit will depend entirely on the specific facts of the case and the language contained in the contract. To prevail in a breach of a contract claim, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant improperly violated their obligations under the agreement, thereby causing the non-breaching party financial harm. Florida courts will only decide in favor of the plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit if they can prove the following four things:

  1. A valid contract actually existed;
  2. The defendant failed to fulfill their duties under the agreement;
  3. There was no justification for breach, meaning the plaintiff did perform on the contract; and
  4. The plaintiff suffered actual damages as a result of the breach.

In most breach of contract cases, there are disputes regarding what exactly the agreement required of each party. Ultimately, breach of contract claims are highly fact-specific cases. Should a contract dispute make it to litigation, a Florida court will take a very close look at the language of the agreement and the actions of the parties.

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