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Florida Lawyer Faces Suspension for Missing Deadlines, Failing to Respond to Client


According to reporting from the Florida Record, a Broward County, FL lawyer is facing a suspension for missing key statutory deadlines and failing to adequately communicate with a client. Indeed, the lawyer is now facing a 90-day suspension and a subsequent three-year probation from the Florida Bar Association.

Here, our West Palm Beach bar complaints and grievances attorneys provide an overview of the allegations and explain some of the most important steps that legal professionals should take to avoid facing similar complaints and disciplinary action.

Missed Statute of Limitations and Lack of Communication  

The Florida Bar contends that the multiple complaints were filed against this lawyer by a client who had hired her to bring a medical malpractice claim and a personal injury claim. The aggrieved client raised three specific allegations against the lawyer:

  1. The lawyer allegedly gave an inaccurate statute of limitations assessment to the client;
  2. The lawyer allegedly allowed the actual statute of limitations on the medical malpractice case to expire without taking legal action; and
  3. The lawyer did not respond to any of the client’s phone calls or emails after suddenly withdrawing representation.

How to Avoid Bar Complaints: The Importance of Deadlines and Communication 

For attorneys seeking to avoid bar complaints and grievances, there are two key lessons to draw from this disciplinary action. First, statutory deadlines are extremely important. Lawyers need to make sure that they are giving clients accurate guidance on all relevant deadlines. Allowing the statute of limitations to expire without action could lead to a bar complaint and a legal malpractice claim.

In addition to that, open and attentive communication is critically important. The Florida Bar Association notes that the lawyer who was disciplined in this case abruptly withdrew representation, stopped responding to phone calls, and even blocked the former client’s emails. One of the biggest mistakes a legal professional can make is dodging communication from angry current or former clients. Beyond potentially being a violation of professional duties, failing to respond to client inquiries makes it far more likely that a bar complaint or bar grievance will be filed.

When a problem arises with a client, it should be addressed directly and promptly. If you have a specific issue with a client and you are unsure as to how to proceed, it is recommended that you contact experienced legal malpractice attorney for assistance. Your attorney will be able to review the specific incident and help determine what steps you need to take to protect your rights, your career, and your reputation.  

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our Florida bar complaint defense attorneys are committed, effective advocates for our clients. We strive to assist our clients in resolving complaints or grievances at the lowest possible level. To arrange a completely confidential review of your case, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team today. We have offices in Miami and West Palm Beach.




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