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Insurance Coverage for Business Property Damage in Florida


Your home is not the only property that can be damaged by hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters. Is there any insurance coverage for business property damage in Florida? Unfortunately, property damage insurance claims can be quite complicated if you are a business owner whose commercial property has been damaged due to an act of God.

Typically, business property insurance will cover your lost revenue and the cost of repair of the property that was damaged. In fact, insurance coverage may cover damage done to the structure and the contents (equipment, goods, and inventory) of the property. 

Types of Insurance Coverage for Business Property Damage 

There are various types of insurance policies that protect business owners from property damage. Typically, the choice of insurance policies depends on the type of business and risks.

The following are some of the insurance policies available for business owners in Florida to provide coverage for property damage:

  • Equipment breakdown insurance. If your equipment is not functioning, this insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing and replacing the damaged items as well as your revenue losses.
  • Business interruption coverage. This insurance policy will cover your lost revenue when your business operations are interrupted due to property damage.
  • Extra expense coverage. This insurance policy will cover the added expenses that a business incurs while repairing or replacing your commercial property after a disruptive incident.
  • Flood insurance. As its name implies, this type of policy will cover various losses incurred by your business due to property damage caused by flooding.
  • Property insurance. This type of coverage protects your commercial property and physical assets. There can be three types of property insurance: (1) named-peril coverage (specifies perils that are covered), (2) comprehensive coverage (coverage is available for all types of perils except those that are excluded), and (3) windstorm insurance (provides coverage for damaged commercial properties and their contents as a result of a windstorm, including a hurricane).

Why You Need a Commercial Litigation Attorney When Your Business Incurred Property Damage

If your business has incurred property damage, you need to act quickly in order to seek compensation in a timely manner. After all, if your insurance claim is delayed, you could incur additional losses due to interruptions caused by the property damage.

Thus, it is advised to hire a West Palm Beach commercial litigation attorney to help you obtain compensation through all sources available. If you are not sure which insurance policy to choose, our attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP, can help you determine the most suitable insurance plan to protect your business from property damage in your particular situation.

Do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable West Palm Beach commercial litigation attorney if your business property or its contents were damaged by a hurricane, flooding, or any other natural disaster or disruptive incident. Unfortunately, insurance companies are likely to deny paying property damage claims. A knowledgeable attorney by your side will negotiate with your insurance company to maximize compensation and ensure that all losses and expenses are taken into account.

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