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Is Your Florida Business Being Sued? Here is What You Should Do Next

While individuals rarely face civil lawsuits, companies can potentially face legal action for a wide variety of different reasons. In fact, a company may be sued by a customer, an employee, a vendor or even a competitor. If your business is facing a lawsuit, it is normal to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it is also critical that you take swift action. You cannot simply ignore the issue and hope it goes away. An experienced business litigation attorney can help you protect the rights and interests of your company.

Step 1: Review the Lawsuit With Your Attorney

As soon as you receive notification that a lawsuit has been brought against your business, you should immediately jump into action. There is no need to stress yourself out, you should remain calm. The best thing you can do is to simply contact a qualified attorney who can review the issue with you. At this stage, it is best to let your attorney handle the process. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to reach out to the party who brought the lawsuit. While it is certainly tempting to want to speak to the other party and attempt to deal with the problem directly, it is much better to let your attorney handle all communication. Anything you say, no matter how minor, can be used against you. You do not want to risk harming your business.

Step 2: Notify Your Insurance Provider

In many cases, your company will have some type of insurance policy that will protect you from the liability associated with certain types of lawsuit. If you believe that the lawsuit you are facing falls under the scope of an insurance policy, you need to reach out and notify the insurance company. If you do not notify the insurer in a timely manner, your business could lose out on its coverage. That being said, do not assume that the insurance company will cover your damages in the event that your business is found liable. Even if your insurer plans on defending the lawsuit, it is still best to keep your own attorney close by your side.

Step 3: Prepare Your Response

Finally, in Florida, your business will generally have 20 days after receiving a lawsuit to decide what action to take next. In most cases, your response will either be to file a motion to dismiss the case or to file an answer to the complaint. A motion to dismiss is an official request for the court to throw out the lawsuit. This is a procedural request. As such, you will not address the all facts of the case directly. On the other hand, an answer to a lawsuit is a defense against the specific facts presented by the plaintiff. Ultimately, whatever your company’s response, you need to ensure that all documents are carefully prepared by a qualified attorney.

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