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Miami Business Insurance Defense Attorney

The Miami business insurance defense attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP strive to offer the highest level of service to our clients and reach successful outcomes where others are unable to. Because we have such a large focus on providing experienced legal guidance involving insurance claims, we are widely known among businesses and insurance carriers in complicated cases. We are uniquely equipped to handle complex cases that have many moving parts, cases that involve corporate-legal applications and director and officer liability, and cases that require a high degree of sophistication to unravel. We do not take on cases that involve volume insurance defense or auto accidents, however. And, if your case is fairly straightforward or simple, we are not the law firm for you.

Insurance Protection and an Experienced Insurance Defense Attorney are Key to a Business’ Success

The primary goal of a company is to provide customers or clients with superior products, services, or information. However, another goal is to make a profit, protect your employees and shareholders, and continue doing business in the years to come. Those goals require more than just a business savvy CEO or owner. When you start a business you probably are not considering all of the ways you could be at risk to an insurance claim. Unfortunately, companies go under all the time when unforeseen accidents occurs and they are improperly insured. According to, one third of small businesses do not have insurance. Battling claims and lawsuits, even if the business does have insurance, can often be the last straw for both businesses that are doing well and those that were on the edge before the insurance claim or lawsuit. You need an attorney with vast knowledge and experience in all realms of insurance defense.

Type of Business Insurance

The types of insurance that you may need will depend on the type of business you run. Some common business insurance policies include:

  • Product liability insurance – This insurance protects a business if they manufacture, sell, or distribute a product that causes personal injury or property damage. These cases often require multiple field experts and are costly to litigate, so having insurance is crucial.
  • Commercial general liability insurance – Even if the company vehicle is not an asset worth protecting, it is still important for a business to insurance all vehicles against third-party injuries that could result from a crash.
  • Business interruption insurance – According to the Insurance Information Institute, 40 percent of businesses that experience a catastrophe and have to temporarily close down do not reopen again. This insurance allows a company to stay afloat after the property sustained damage covered by insurance by paying for temporary offices, lost revenue, and more.

Other necessary types of insurance include:

  • Property insurance;
  • Business vehicle insurance;
  • Employment practices liability insurance; and
  • Workers’ compensation.

The Law Offices of Pike & Lustig Can Help Protect Your Business

At Pike & Lustig, LLP we pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex litigation cases. Insurance is a highly regulated area of law. It takes a proactive, knowledgeable legal team to successfully defend business insurance cases. Our Miami offices carefully investigate each case, examine the insurance policies, determine if other parties may be at fault, and promptly make decisions so that the case is not dragged out while you are trying to run your business. Contact Pike & Lustig to learn how we can defend you in a business insurance claim.

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