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Miami Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Attorney

Homeowner’s insurance exists to protect a person against costs of damage to their home or belongings. It also covers medical costs of a person injured on insured party’s property. According to, Florida residents pay the highest annual insurance premiums, with the average cost of homeowner’s insurance in the state being $2,280. If you have paid these high premiums to your insurance company each year, the hope is that they will accept any claims you file. However, insurance companies are notorious for denying claims. The experienced Miami homeowner’s insurance attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP can assist you in filing a comprehensive claim that will give you the best chances of having the claim accepted and we will fight on your behalf if a settlement cannot be agreed upon.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

Each insurance coverage is unique in coverage and it is valuable to know exactly what your coverage is before a disaster strikes. Common elements of any homeowners insurance policy include:

  • Fire;
  • Theft;
  • Roof damage;
  • Broken pipes;
  • Damaged windows;
  • Another person’s bodily injuries you are liable for;
  • Property damage you are liable for;
  • Wind damage;
  • Personal property; and
  • Depending on your specific coverage there will be other coverages.

Insurance companies often try to confuse policyholders as to what exactly is covered by their policy. If you are unsure of what damages will be covered after a disaster, our attorneys can help evaluate your policy and assist you with filing a detailed claim that will ensure you get the best outcome from the claim.

What to Do Before the Insurance Claim is Paid

After any insurance claim is made, the insurance company will send an adjuster to your house to assess the damage. Before the adjuster comes to your home you can take the following steps to expedite the process and make sure you receive adequate coverage for the damages you have incurred:

  • Note All Structural Damage – Walk through the areas you can and write down damage you see. Providing this information to an adjuster will help speed up the process and ensure they do not miss any areas of damage.
  • Inventory Damaged Property – If you have damaged items, the Insurance Journal recommends taking photos and recording the model, where it was purchased, and when it was purchased. If possible, include any receipts that indicate the purchases.
  • Salvage What You Can – If it does not pose a hazard to you, try to safely get any undamaged property out of the area. This will prevent further losses.
  • Keep Receipts – If you need to make immediate repairs to prevent further damage, or you have to leave your residence and stay in temporary housing, it is important to save receipts. These will help document additional costs that insurance should cover.

Contact Pike & Lustig, LLP About Your Homeowner’s Insurance Dispute

Losing property or your home is overwhelming, especially if your insurance company is refusing to pay for related costs covered by your policy. If you are having trouble with your insurance claim, a Miami law firm can help you with the litigation process. Contact Pike & Lustig, LLP for a free initial consultation today.

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