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Pike & Lustig Sets Up Free Hotline for Business’ and Business Owners’ Coronavirus-Related Questions


Businesses and organizations that are struggling to navigate the coronavirus crisis are turning to their attorneys and other business advisers with questions, concerns and urgent needs for guidance and support. To help provide answers, Pike & Lustig, LLP has set up a free hotline, where businesses and organizations can ask questions via phone. Businesses and organizations need not be current Pike & Lustig clients.

“In today’s world, laws are changing quickly, new bills are being passed, and both businesses and organizations are existing in uncertain and unfamiliar times,” said Michael Pike, Managing Partner of Pike & Lustig. “Our goal is to provide the business community with guidance and support related to how the new laws will potentially impact their operations, employees and more. This free hotline will accomplish exactly that.”

Some of the timely laws that are causing concern and/or confusion among local businesses and business owners, include:

  • Paid leave for employees and allowable exemptions
  • Federal loan and relief packages available and how they impact businesses
  • Essential versus non-essential businesses
  • Healthcare obligations in times of layoffs; what is required and what is not
  • Client contracts and legal adjustments

“It is critical that we get accurate information out to business owners so they clearly understand what measures they can take to keep their businesses and organizations afloat,” added Pike.

To reach a representative from the Pike & Lustig law firm, please call 1-866-Pike-Law. Attorneys and staff at Pike & Lustig law firm speak both English and Spanish.

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