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Recovering Damages After a Florida Ridesharing Accident: Insurance Coverage, and How to File a Claim


Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft continue to be a reasonably affordable and convenient means of transportation for many people in West Palm Beach and elsewhere in Florida. However, since rideshare services are a relatively new phenomenon, the legal issues concerning ridesharing accidents may be confusing.

You may be eligible to seek compensation after a ridesharing accident, but there are certain steps to take to determine fault. A detail-oriented West Palm Beach personal injury attorney can offer assistance and guidance after a ridesharing accident.

What to Do After a Florida Ridesharing Accident? 

It is probably the first time that you are seeing your Uber or Lyft driver, which is why it is imperative to gather information about the identities of all the people involved in the crash if you were injured as an Uber or Lyft passenger.

You must also make sure that the rideshare driver reports the collision to his or her respective ridesharing company. You need to request medical attention to document your injuries and evaluate the extent of harm.

Also, do your best to obtain the insurance information of all the parties involved. The rest will do your West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, as determining who caused the crash and who was at fault can be tricky without a legal professional by your side.

Insurance Coverage in Florida Rideshare Accidents 

Florida law has mandatory insurance coverage rules for rideshare drivers that differ from those imposed on regular drivers in the state. For regular drivers, the mandatory personal injury insurance (PIP) coverage is at least $10,000. For Uber and Lyft drivers, meanwhile, Florida’s law requires to carry a policy with at least $1 million in liability coverage for bodily injury, death, and property damage.

The $1 million Uber/Lyft coverage is applicable only if the driver is on-duty and has passengers in his or her vehicle at the time of the ridesharing accident. The same law also requires Uber and Lyft drivers to carry at least $50,000 in liability coverage if a crash occurs when the driver is en route to pick up their passengers.

Typically, an injured Uber or Lyft passenger’s ability to seek compensation may be lessened if a regular driver was at-fault for the ridesharing crash or may be increased if the accident was caused by the on-duty rideshare driver.

Filing a Claim After Uber/Lyft Accident in Florida 

After a ridesharing accident in West Palm Beach or other parts of Florida, you can either file an insurance claim or get compensated for your injuries through litigation.

If your doctor classifies your ridesharing accident injury as “minor,” you must submit a claim under your own auto insurance policy because Florida follows “no-fault” insurance laws. If your injury is severe (e.g., you suffered a permanent injury, disfigurement, serious burns, or any other injury deemed “severe”), you are eligible to pursue an insurance claim with the at-fault motorist’s insurer.

You may want to file a personal injury lawsuit after a ridesharing accident in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in Florida because the insurance company will not be able to compensate you for the amount that exceeds the at-fault driver’s policy limit. Consult with a West Palm Beach auto accident attorney to discover your most optimal legal strategy. Call our lawyers from Pike & Lustig, LLP, at 561-291-8298.


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