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Tag Archives: Identity Theft

New Study: Florida Residents are the Third Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft and Fraud

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

Recently, WalletHub released its annual report on identity theft and fraud across the country. The report rates consumer vulnerability to identity theft and other types of consumer fraud in each of the 50 states and in the District of Columbia. Once again, Florida did not perform well in the rankings. This year, Florida came… Read More »

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What Should I Do if I Believe that I Have Been the Victim of Consumer Fraud?

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated consumers among us are at risk to be victimized by consumer fraud. This type of fraud occurs when a party engages in deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses to consumers and can take a variety of forms, including the following: False advertising; Identity theft; Deceptive billing… Read More »

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