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Tag Archives: Negligent Entrustment

Be Careful Who You Trust: Understanding the Tort of Negligent Entrustment

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

One of the most surprising areas of personal injury law for many people are the various ways that injuries caused by one party can be legally attributed to another. Sometimes, this can be intuitive, such as suing an employer for the careless act of an employee. However, the law can also hold people responsible… Read More »

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Three-Year-Old Crashes Vehicle Into Several Parked Cars

By Michael Pike |

Several parked cars were damaged when a 47-year-old Florida woman allowed her 3-year-old grandson to drive a car. According to what one witness told police, there was a loud crash and the witness saw a gold, four-door Chrysler crash head-on into a parked vehicle and then back into another vehicle. The witness said that… Read More »

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