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The Community is Remembering a Popular Florida High School Student who was Killed in Tragic Bicycle Accident


According to a report from the Miami Herald, a promising local high school student has passed away after a horrific bicycle accident in Sunny Isles Beach. Sholem Benchimol—the son of a prominent South Florida Rabbi—was a talented soccer player who was well-liked by friends and classmates.

Tragically, the teenager was killed in April after being struck by an oncoming car at an intersection in Northeast Miami-Dade County. He was immediately transported to a nearby emergency, but succumbed to the injuries three days later. Sholem’s family and friends are committed to keeping his memory and his legacy alive.

Florida Motorists Too Often Fail to Protect Bicyclists  

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents remain a serious public safety problem in Florida. In its

2018 Traffic Crash Facts report, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles explains that bicycles are considered to be ‘vulnerable road users’—meaning motorists need to take additional care to watch out for the health, safety, and well-being of riders.

In far too many cases, drivers simply fail to live up to their duties. Bicyclists are inherently exposed to danger. Motorists must take additional safety precautions to note the presence of cyclists and to reduce the risk of collision. The bicycle injury statistics are alarming. Florida authorities report that in 2018 there were:

  • 6,590 collisions reported between bicycles and motor vehicles;
  • 6,183 bicyclist injuries in automobile collisions; and
  • 160 bicyclist fatalities in car accidents.

To put the dangers into perspective, Florida’s official highway data indicates that the bicyclist was injured in 93 percent of the collisions reported to state authorities. Tragically, the cyclists are killed in approximately one in every forty bike-automobile collisions that are reported to state or local police in Florida.

We Must Do Better: Bicycle Safety Matters 

One of the most important things to take away from Florida’s disheartening bicycle accident statistics is that these collisions are mostly avoidable. The overwhelming majority of bike accidents could have been prevented with proper care. In other words, our community can do a lot to fix this problem.

All drivers in our region need to put extra care into bicycle safety. Remember, cyclists have a right to the road in Florida. When you are behind the wheel, keep your full attention on the road and give cyclists the space that they need to operate safely. Your diligence in watching out for and respecting riders could save lives. 

Contact Our Miami, FL Bicycle Accident Attorneys for Immediate Help

At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our Miami bicycle accident lawyers have extensive experience handling bicycle accident claims. If you or someone you know was severely injured in a bicycle collision, we are available to help. Call us now for a free, no obligation review of your case. With office locations in Miami and West Palm Beach, we represent bicycle accident victims throughout South Florida, including in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Boynton Beach.





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