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Valentine’s Day: How to Avoid a DUI


What’s the first thing you think about on Valentine’s Day? After roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, I’m sure you’re thinking of wining & dining, maybe some champagne?

We may not think of Valentine’s day as a boozy holiday, but the fact is, it is. Although it ranks below New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season, Valentine’s Day usually has the imbibing of alcohol included in the evening’s celebrations.

So how can you still have a romantic day without getting into trouble with the law (and more importantly, keeping you and others safe)? Here are some tips to ensure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember for all the right reasons:

#1. Stay In!

Why leave the house on a night where the restaurant is crowded, the staff overworked and the menu limited? Stay home, order in or better yet, cook a romantic meal together. Try a new recipe and be each other’s sous chefs. You can cook with wine, in the meal or in your glass, and not have to worry about a thing!

#2. Get Some Fresh Air

Take a sunset stroll and enjoy each other’s company. Find a frozen lake and go ice skating. Hold hands and gaze at the stars. Or, as we do in South Florida, go take a walk on the beach! Enjoy the fact that we can do that in February while most others can’t!

#3. Go Shopping

Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a fancy dinner out, why not head to the mall and use that hard-earned money to spend on each other? Find yourselves some gifts that you’ll take with you and have to cherish forever, always reminding you of the wonderful Valentine’s Day you had.

#3. Read to Each Other

Ok this may be a little cheesy, but go with it, it’s Valentine’s Day! If you both love to read, choose some of your favorite love poems or romantic passages and read them out loud to one another.

#4. Watch a Rom-Com

This is the one day of the year when it’s appropriate for every guy and gal to sit down together and watch a romantic comedy. Either find one on Netflix, browse through your collection, or head out to the movies and split a popcorn. Enjoy yourselves on a wholesome date!

#5. Go Out for Ice Cream

Just like in the good ol’ days as a kid, find your favorite ice cream parlor and get a couple scoops to share! Or head to a Sweets Shop and find the perfect pastry to indulge yourselves!

#6. Get a Couple’s Massage

Head to the spa and get a couple’s massage. They’re relaxing, romantic and a great way to enjoy yourselves together!

Use these tips for a romantic and safe Valentine’s Day. But remember, if you do decide to go out, even if you’re staying sober, remember others may not be. Always be mindful and alert… and have fun!

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