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West Palm Beach Insurance Bad-Faith Attorney

Insurance companies owe their clients an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. According to the Cornell Legal Information Institute, this is “an implied obligation that assumes that the parties to a contract will act in good faith and deal fairly with one another without breaking their word, using shifty means to avoid obligations, or denying what the other party obviously understood.” However, despite this law-binding obligation, it is no rare occurrence when an insurance provider fails to meet these obligations. Insurance companies, just like other companies, have one goal that stands out amongst all the rest: to make a profit. Unfortunately, profit often comes before quality service, compassion, and doing what is right for their clients. In fact, insurance companies often rely on statistics when determining the cost to fix a certain problem. For example, if the insurance company finds that the average roof for a home of 1,900 square feet in West Palm Beach costs X amount to fix, they may only offer that amount, even if you have proof that a contractor says that it will end up costing much more. On average, between 10 and 20 percent of health insurance claims are denied by carriers, according to Huffington Post, which is around the same percentage (one in five) of denials of homeowner’s insurance, according to research done by the Association of British Insurers. Insurance companies rely on the fact that most of their customers will not fight back and will either take what they are given and accept that that is all there is available to them.

When an insurance provider denies the rightful coverage that you are owed, it may likely be time to contact an experienced bad faith insurance attorney for legal assistance. The process of going this alone can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming, not to mention possibly unsuccessful. When the well being or reconstruction of your home, health, or personal property are at stake, contact our West Palm Beach bad faith insurance attorneys at once.

Recovering More Than You Were Originally Owed: Bad Faith Can Cost Your Insurance Provider

If your insurance provider breaks their binding contract and their covenant of good faith and fair dealing, you may be able to sue them on a tort claim as well as for the breach of contract. What this means is that you may end up collecting more than what your insurance provider originally owed, if their actions and services can be proven to be exceptionally poor. More good news is that the chances of success in fighting back against a denial are good. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office report, a denied policyholder has a 50 percent chance of being covered by appealing the initial decision. What’s more is that your chances go up significantly more when you team with an attorney, and so too do your chances of receiving a greater award. Insurance litigation is an incredibly important matter, and one that should not be left to an inexperienced law firm. The West Palm Beach insurance bad faith attorneys of Pike & Lustig, LLP is a full-service law firm. We understand our clients’ litigation needs in both State and Federal Courts.

Our insurance litigation attorneys have a history of handling complex Federal and State Court matters, which includes litigating against big insurance companies that have failed to protect their insureds’ interests and taken profits above people.

When an insurance company takes its interests and profits above its insureds’ interests, this may result in “bad faith” on the part of the insurance carrier and an excess judgment against you, the insured. We focus our insurance bad-faith litigation practice on holding big insurance accountable for its wrongs.

Contact Our Experienced West Palm Beach Insurance Bad-Faith Attorneys

Big insurance companies know we will take them to trial as we have done in the past. We feel right at home in a Federal Court setting. If you believe you have a bad-faith insurance case, call us today.

Our insurance bad faith attorneys have a combined sixteen years of legal practice with some of Florida’s largest firms. We know what a courtroom looks like. We are proud trial lawyers seeking justice for you.

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