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West Palm Beach Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Attorney

Homeowner’s insurance is a vital way to protect our homes and families against disaster. These insurance policies often cover damage caused by natural disasters, criminal activity, fire, and other damage. Homeowner’s insurance usually also covers liability claims against the homeowner by a third party. For example, a guest may be injured on the homeowner’s property. Homeowner’s insurance is designed to protect against liability related to such an accident. Even when the homeowner fulfills their obligations and pays their premiums, insurance companies often fail to provide the protection they guarantee. If your insurance company is refusing your homeowner’s claim, or has violated your policy terms, contact the experienced West Palm Beach homeowner’s insurance claims attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP today.

Homeowner’s Insurance Disputes

Living in West Palm Beach allows residents to enjoy the natural beauty of Florida. The ocean provides fun, relaxation, and a livelihood for many locals. However, residents are also often exposed to the dangers of living close to the water. Tropical storms, hurricanes and flooding are unfortunately common in Florida, and these disasters can destroy homes. Besides these ocean-related dangers, homeowners also face damages caused by fire, vandalism, strong winds, robbery, and a variety of other dangers. Damage to a home can be minor or completely catastrophic. When your insurance company refuses to pay for the damages, or offers less than the amount you are owed, it can be overwhelming. Often, home damage can be quite financially burdensome. In the event your house is totally destroyed, related costs can be devastating.

Have you recently filed a homeowner’s insurance claim but were refused by your insurance company? You need to contact a reputable insurance litigation firm immediately to discuss your case. Florida statutes of limitations may apply to your case, so do not wait to contact an attorney.

Help Going Up Against an Insurance Company

Large insurance companies often delay or deny payment to homeowners, sometimes for unreasonable causes. Unreasonable delay or failure to pay on a policy may require legal action by the homeowner. Florida state law allows homeowners to file civil lawsuits against insurance companies when the company fails to meet its obligations. Big insurance companies may think they can get away with failing to pay on legitimate claims. However, a skilled insurance litigator can help protect your rights against these organizations. When a delayed or denied insurance claim can make or break your financial recovery, do not hesitate to call an experienced trial lawyer for excellent legal help.

Tips For Avoiding Damage From Tropical Storms

Not all damage is avoidable in a severe Florida tropical storm, but by taking certain safety measures, you can safeguard your home in order to minimize the damage. Tropical storms are an unfortunate fact of life in West Palm Beach. They cause billions of dollars in damage and claim lives with each passing storm season. Tropical storms may have already grown worse in recent years and are expected to become stronger, according to recent studies published in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NASA. Storms feed on warm ocean waters, and with rising ocean temperatures, their devastation and area of impact are increasing. Cities with highly developed coastlines, where wetlands once served as natural flood controls, are at risk, especially with rising sea levels. The damage caused by these storms will only worsen with time. While the Atlantic hurricane system was below average in 2015, the Pacific region shattered all records, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. However, despite the catastrophe of major hurricanes, there are steps to take to safe proof your family’s home to minimize the damage.

  • Secure Windows and Reinforce All Doors – The first and most important step in preparing your home for a natural disaster is to install storm shutters or impact resistant glass. Reinforced doors with metal knobs, latches, and hooks that can withstand the corrosion of salt water will perform best. Garage doors are inherently weak in their design, and high winds can easily destroy a non-reinforced garage door. Furthermore, once the garage door does crumple, the integrity of the entire house is compromised. To counteract this, pile heavy objects and park cars up against the inside of your garage door to add strength.
  • Deal With Problematic Trees- Trees pose a great risk to your home in the event of a storm with high winds. They can knock out power lines, destroy roofs, and crumple cars. Before a storm, check the trees surrounding your home for dead limbs or limbs that may be unhealthy or too heavy to support their own weight in a hurricane. Remove or lighten these branches. Another sign of a tree that might topple over is heaving at the base of its trunk, which indicates that the root system might be compromised. Look for major cracks, hollowed out or decaying areas, and mushrooms or fungus. These all may be signs of diseased or weakened segments of the tree, or that the tree itself could come down soon. You can lighten the load the tree bears by removing the dead or diseased limbs, or cut the entire tree down if it is in really poor shape.
  • Shut Off Gas And Water – Shutting of the gas will minimize the risk of a fire and create a safer environment for emergency personnel. Likewise, shutting of the water will help minimize the risk of flooding within your home, and will reduce the chances of toxic chemicals entering your home during smaller floods.
  • Keep Toxic Materials Contained – Use locking lidded containers to store any toxic chemicals, paint, and other chemical-based products. Store them on high shelves away from potential flooding areas. You should do this with lawn and garden chemicals, gas, oil, and other potentially harmful substances that reside in your shed, basement, or garage. Anything that could be harmful to your home or yard needs to be securely contained and stored up and out of the way of flooding.

Experienced West Palm Beach Homeowner’s Insurance Litigators

Do not try to resolve a dispute with your insurance company alone. You need an experienced, aggressive West Palm Beach homeowner’s insurance attorney who understands how these big companies operate. The insurance litigation attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP have fought and won against these companies in the past. When you call, you can speak with one of our seasoned trial attorneys about your claim. We will work closely with you, answering your questions and exploring your legal options. With a combined sixteen years of practice, our attorneys are prepared to fight for you in court. Time is of the essence when bringing an insurance claim case; contact us today and learn more about your options.

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