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Why Do Large Commercial Truck Accidents Happen?


As commercial trucks are inherently dangerous, trucking companies are legally obligated to comply with strict safety precautions. Unfortunately, in such a competitive industry, too many companies put profits before people—cutting corners on safety in order to save money. This is unacceptable. Negligent trucking companies must be held accountable.

According to data published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV), there were more than 33,000 trucking accidents reported in 2018 alone. These collisions occur for a wide range of different reasons. Here, our West Palm Beach trucking accident lawyers highlight five common reasons why commercial truck accidents happen.

  1. Under Trained or Improperly Trained Truck Drivers

Operating a large truck requires considerable professional skill. We appreciate the dedication and hard work that experienced truck drivers put in. They help keep our economy moving. At the same time, there is a real problem with trucking companies putting under trained or improperly trained drivers on the road. If a driver cannot operate a truck safely, they should not be behind the wheel. 

  1. Tight Delivery Windows: Speeding and Fatigued Drivers

Truckers are often encouraged to meet tight delivery deadlines. While there is nothing wrong with efficient operations, overly aggressive delivery windows may encourage drivers to speed or to operate without enough rest. Both truck driver speeding and truck driver fatigue are serious public safety problems. Safety cannot take a backseat. 

  1. Distracted Driving

There is strong evidence that distracted driving is on the rise in the United States. Some researchers estimate that distracted driving accidents have increased by as much as 20 percent over the last decade—with smartphones and other handheld devices being the primary culprits. Truckers are just as susceptible to distraction as everyone else. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver—especially if that driver is behind the wheel of a large commercial truck. 

  1. Negligently Loaded Trailers

To operate safely, a truck must be properly balanced. An overloaded truck or a poorly loaded truck could end up causing a serious accident. The company responsible for loading the trailer has a legal duty to do so in a safe manner. If a crash occurs because of their negligence, they can be held liable for the resulting damages. 

  1. Failure to Inspect and Inadequate Maintenance

A truck driver can do almost everything right and there can still be problems—at least if a company fails to properly inspect and maintain the truck. From tire blowouts to brake problems, inadequate truck maintenance can manifest itself in a wide variety of different ways. Regardless, a poorly maintained truck is a dangerous truck.

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