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Woman Killed After Being Trapped Under a Train in Vero Beach, Florida


According to a report from CBS 12, a woman was killed in a railroad accident in Indian River County, Florida. Local law enforcement officials told reporters that she was found trapped underneath the train. The railroad accident occurred in the early morning hours of November 5th at a highly traversed thoroughfare near Downtown Vero Beach. Tragically, the unidentified victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

Unidentified Woman Trapped Under Florida East Coast (FEC) Train at Railroad Crossing 

Emergency service personnel were called to a railroad crossing located just off the intersection of 21 Street and US Route 1 in Vero Beach, Florida. They received a 911 call indicating that a woman was trapped underneath a train. Unfortunately, when law enforcement officers and rescue crews arrived at the scene, they determined that the woman was deceased. She had no identification on her person and, at the time of reporting, CBS 12 states that law enforcement is still trying to find out her identity.

Additionally, the railroad accident is still under a more comprehensive investigation. The train in question was owned and operated by Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway. FEC is designated as a Class II railroad. It operates a line from Jacksonville to Key West—with stops in both West Palm Beach and Miami. For the most part, the line transported intermodal shipping containers. Officials from Florida East Coast were not immediately available for comment. 

Railroad Crossing Accidents Remain a Safety Hazard in Southeastern Florida  

Sadly, accidents remain a serious safety issue at railroad crossings in Florida and throughout the United States. Each year, far too many motorists and pedestrians are severely injured or killed in train accidents. The overwhelming majority of train accidents occur at the points where the railroad intersected with a public road or public highway. Railroad operators must put an emphasis on avoiding collisions.

Safety groups note that railroad companies could do more to improve safety at railroad crossings—particularly at the busiest of intersections. Generally, railroad collisions happen because there was a breakdown in protection. These groups advise that a few relatively simple steps, such as installing additional protective fencing and using advanced crossing signals, could dramatically reduce the total number of railroad crossing accidents and save lives.

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our Miami railroad & train accident lawyers are aggressive and results-driven advocates for injured victims and their families. Our firm knows how to hold negligent railroad operators and large insurance carriers accountable for doing what is right. We will stand behind you in your fight for justice and full compensation. If you or your loved one was hurt or killed in a train accident, call us now for a free initial consultation. We have law offices in West Palm Beach and Miami and our attorneys handle railroad accident claims throughout all of South Florida.




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