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A Class Action Shareholder Claim Has Been Filed Against The Gap; Alleged Material Misrepresentations

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According to a report published by the Bakersfield-Californian, a class action shareholder lawsuit was recently filed against The Gap, a clothing and accessories retail giant based in San Francisco, California. The lawsuit accused the corporation of making material misrepresentations to investors in relation to a recent brand strategy. Within this article, our Miami shareholder litigation attorneys discuss the allegations raised against the retail company in more detail.

Background: The Gap Introduced a New Size-Inclusivity Campaign in 2021

 The Gap owns the retail chain Old Navy. The company unveiled BODEQUALITY at Old Navy in 2021. It was marketed as an initiative to increase size-inclusivity at its stores. As part of the campaign, the company noted that clothing up to Size 28 would be available at all Old Navy locations. The BODEQUALITY initiative was also marketed to investors as an important tool to improve revenue. Indeed, when the campaign was unveiled, The Gap stated that the BODEQUALITY initiative was one of the keys to driving long-term sustainable growth. Indeed, the company represented to investors that increasing the prevalence of plus-size offerings could help with customer acquisition.

Complaint: The Gap Materially Misled Investors in Relation to BODEQUALITY Brand 

As part of a class action shareholder complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, the plaintiffs allege that corporate leadership at The Gap violated federal securities laws between the summer of 2021 and the summer of 2022 in relation to the BODEQUALITY initiative. Specifically, the plaintiffs make the following arguments:

  1. Major missteps were made which undermined the profitability of the initiative;
  2. The company materially misrepresented certain inventory risks to investors related to increasing the sizes that the stores carried; and
  3. The company made material misrepresentations to investors in regards to key financial metrics, including those related to the BODEQUALITY initiative.

Notably, the stock prices of the company have suffered tremendously over the most recent period. The Gap was trading above $30.00 per share in August of 2021. At its low point in the Spring of 2022, the company dipped well below $10.00 per share. Indeed, in April 2022, the CEO of the Old Navy brand stepped down from her position. The move was reportedly related to the business failure of the BODEQUALITY initiative. The Gap lost nearly 20 percent of its value following the news. For its part, The Gap has denied any wrongdoing in relation to this shareholder lawsuit. Litigation is still an ongoing matter. No findings have been made.

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