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West Palm Beach Physician Practice Management & Litigation Lawyer

Pike and Lustig, LLP has a devoted group of attorneys representing physicians and physician practices throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties. In the complex health care system, our lawyers are known for their guidance and aggressiveness in protecting physicians and their practices from the drafting of employment agreements, arbitration agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-compete agreements, restrictive covenants up through and including the handling of all State and Federal Court litigation and arbitration matters.

We also assist physicians in the dissolution of medical groups and restructuring of new practices, including contract enforcement. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of the Stark and Anti-Kickback laws.

Given our vast knowledge of personal injury claims, we have a front-row seat to how Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party reimbursement providers operate on a daily basis.

Additionally, we are experienced in litigating physician-partner separations, and we have vast experience resolving these matters without costly litigation. Our firm has represented physician and MRI groups in contract and shareholder negotiations up through and including litigation.

Next, we defend physicians and their staff executives in depositions involving recoupment of payments, billing, CPT codes, HIPAA issues and letters of protection. We understand that physicians provide treatment under letters of protection so that patients can obtain the care they need in the event the patient does not have insurance. Without these letters of protection, patients would be left untreated and in pain. We also regularly prepare physicians and other executive health care witnesses in litigation.

Pike and Lustig, LLP is regularly involved in the defense and representation of healthcare providers in civil matters, including State and Federal court. Thus, when structuring your organization or handling litigation for it, rest assured we have experience in several areas, including wage and hour disputes, harassment and discrimination, retaliation and whistleblowers, disability accommodations, trade secret information and other healthcare hurdles.

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