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Miami Business & Consumer Fraud Attorney

Florida remains one of, if not the most, prevalent places for cases of business and consumer fraud. The full-service law Miami firm of Pike & Lustig, LLP handles all types of business and consumer fraud cases at both the state and federal level, and assists clients from every step of the way, from filing the lawsuit through jury trial. Contact a Miami business & consumer fraud attorney at our law firm if you need immediate assistance.

Business Fraud

Any deceitful business practice that results in economic harm is considered fraud, and the victim of this fraud may seek financial damages from the fraudulent party. Fraud consists of a concealment, omission, perversion of truth, or deception that is made by another who has knowledge that what they said is not true. Fraud also must have an element of intent for the victim to act or refrain from acting in a particular way that causes them economic damages.

Consumer Fraud

Consumers are at risk of fraud just as businesses are. Consumer fraud is similar to business fraud in that it requires that a party use a deceptive, illegitimate, misleading, or false practice to cause an individual financial harm.

The Most Common Types of Fraud

According to the Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, any given organization or company loses five percent of its revenue every year. Large or rampant cases of fraud can quickly cripple any size business. Some of the most common types of business fraud include:

  • Asset misappropriation;
  • Misuse of company assets;
  • Healthcare (Medicaid and Medicare) fraud;
  • Payroll fraud;
  • Internal theft;
  • Embezzlement;
  • False invoicing;

Many businesses face fraud threats from both within and without the company, making it extremely difficult for small and large companies alike to stay in business. For many small to medium sized businesses, losing a few thousand dollars a month can be all that it takes to go from making a profit to going into the red. Often, internal fraud is committed by just one individual or a very small number of people.

Typical Cases of Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud is a growing problem in Florida and throughout the country. As fewer people use hard cash, thieves are resorting to other methods of taking others’ finances, with identity theft, telemarketing scams, and tax rebate fraud growing with every passing year.

  • Credit Card Fraud – S. consumers lose billions of dollars every year due to credit card fraud. Common methods for carrying out credit card fraud include:
  • Identity theft;
  • Data skimming;
  • Physical theft of a card; and
  • Phising.
  • Mortgage Fraud – Florida has the highest rate of mortgage fraud, and Miami-Dade County is the riskiest county in the nation, according to com. Homeowners, who are often struggling to keep up with the mortgage, are routinely kicked out of their homes when they fall victim to loan modification, equity skimming, and foreclosure scams.

Reach Out to a Professional Miami Business & Consumer Fraud Attorney

The Miami business and consumer fraud attorneys of Pike & Lustig, LLP are here to assist clients who are the victims of either business or consumer fraud, and will help you recover the financial damages that have been caused to you. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to set up a meeting.

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