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West Palm Beach Business & Personal Injury Attorney
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West Palm Beach Employment Law Attorney

State and Federal employment and labor laws are designed to protect employees and employers; however, they are complex. At Pike and Lustig, LLP our West Palm Beach employment law attorneys handle several types of complex litigation related to employee and employer disputes, including:

· Employment Contracts
· Family Medical Leave Act
· Discrimination
· EEOC Charges
· Employee Rights
· Employer Rights
· Non-Compete Agreements
· Non-Solicitation Agreements
· Confidentiality Agreements
· Non-Disclosure Agreements
· Florida Public & Private Whistleblower Claims
· Harassment
· HIPAA Compliance
· Labor & Employment Law
· Retaliation Claims
· Unpaid Wages, Including Overtime
· Wrongful Termination
· Concerted Classes

Pike and Lustig, LLP will assist employees and employers in a proactive manner in an effort to guide clients through the minefields and pitfalls commonly associated with employment related disputes. Always contact an experienced West Palm Beach employment law attorney before making any decisions that may alter the outcome of your case. Turn to us for your legal needs.

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