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West Palm Beach Business & Personal Injury Attorney
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West Palm Beach Law Firm Representation

Pike and Lustig LLP has a reputation defending law firms in several actions, including actions brought against law firms in Federal Court by big insurance companies. Today, big insurance will find any way to limit their exposure, and that includes filing multimillion dollar actions against law firms. The lawyers at Pike and Lustig, LLP have been successful defending these claims.

Likewise, Pike and Lustig, LLP is proud to be “a lawyer’s lawyer.” We have assisted law firms in partnership disputes, retirement disputes and separation disputes without the need of litigation and negative publicity.

However, if called upon, we are no strangers to heated litigation prosecuting or zealously defending our law firm clients in both State and Federal Courts. We have represented some of the most visible Plaintiff’s firms in the State of Florida.

If you have a dispute or desire references, call us today.

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