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Miami Turnpike Accident Attorney

The Florida Turnpike is a system of roadways allowing motorists easy access to the major highways throughout the state. Also known as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and the Sunshine State Parkway, the Florida Turnpike is composed of 500 miles of roadway and is used by more than 2 million people on a daily basis. These toll roads encompass much of the state and includes 11 counties. It passes through Miami and Orlando and goes all the way to central Florida. The Florida Turnpike is considered to be a friendly and less stressful way of driving.

Despite this, the Florida Turnpike is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Florida. That’s because wrong-way drivers are common on these roads, especially at night. Traffic has doubled since 1990, so those traveling the Florida Turnpike should try to use it during daylight hours and watch for other vehicles.

Florida Crash Statistics

Florida is known for its dangerous roads. Hundreds of thousands of crashes happen in the state every year. In 2015, there were 374,342 traffic crashes in Florida. This was an almost 9 percent increase from 2014. This amounted to more than a thousand accidents a day.

There were 2,939 fatalities and 243,316 injuries. Alcohol was a contributing factor to 16,400 accidents. Drug use was a factor in 1,990 crashes. There were 9,085 pedestrian accidents, 7,120 bicycle crashes and 10,201 motorcycle accidents.

In 2015, teen drivers caused 42,874 accidents. This was a 10 percent increase over the previous year.

Common Injuries on the Florida Turnpike

Injuries sustained in a car accident can vary widely, depending on the severity of the crash. Whiplash is a very common occurrence due to the impact of a crash. This is caused by the head and neck moving suddenly and causing damage to ligaments and muscles.

Car accidents can also cause head injuries, which can be very serious in nature. These occur when the impact from a crash causes the driver to hit his or her head on a window, dashboard or steering wheel. Head injuries can range from mild concussions to comas. Head injuries can last many years and cause memory issues, vision problems and hearing loss.

Back injuries can also occur due to the force of a car crash. Herniated discs and other spinal issues are common. These can lead to tingling sensations, muscle weakness, nerve damage and paralysis.

If you suffered from any of these injuries, act quickly and contact the Florida Turnpike attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP to get started on a legal claim. 

Hire Experienced Miami Turnpike Accident Attorneys for Your Case

Just like driving on any highway, driving on the Florida Turnpike can prove dangerous in many ways. Fast drivers mixed with slower tourists can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

If you suffered injuries in an accident on the Florida Turnpike, seek legal help right away. The Miami turnpike accident attorneys at Pike & Lustig, LLP can review the details of your case and help hold the liable parties accountable. Contact Pike & Lustig, LLP today at 305-985-5281 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

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