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West Palm Beach Business & Personal Injury Attorney
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West Palm Beach Commercial Litigation Attorney

Commercial litigation covers a broad spectrum of business disputes, including class actions, civil RICO claims, shareholder problems, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contracts, landlord and tenant disputes, mergers and acquisitions, employment disputes, and joint venture disputes, among many others. While commercial litigation usually involves multiple companies, there are disputes that arise between an individual and a business. In most cases, commercial disputes are incredibly complex, and the money, intellectual property, and other assets at stake require a highly specialized attorney to perform the job. An attorney that has vast experience as a mediator in arbitration, someone who can see the problem from both sides, will go a long way in helping to resolve crippling business conflicts.

The law offices of Pike & Lustig, LLP is a full-service law firm serving clients in West Palm Beach and throughout south Florida in the full range of commercial litigation disputes. We understand our clients’ commercial-business litigation needs in both State and Federal Courts and take a strategic, proactive approach to resolving disputes at the earliest possible stage.

Our West Palm Beach commercial litigation attorneys have a history of handling complex Federal and State Court litigation, including cases involving significant issues concerning “ESI” – electronically stored information. We place our clients’ interests first, and this includes detailing a litigation strategy that is both goal-oriented and financially acceptable for our clients. Our lawyers have a combined sixteen years of legal practice with some of Florida’s largest firms. Therefore, we offer our clients sophisticated litigation services at competitive rates.

We are prepared to represent our clients’ interests in all litigation situations, handling a broad range of West Palm Beach corporate commercial issues, including:

  • Contract Disputes – Every contract is open for dispute. If a binding contract is broken on the grounds of a disagreement upon the terms, a commercial litigation attorney can help bring clarity to the issue at hand;
  • Partner Disputes – According to Forbes, one of the most common ways for partner disputes to arise is a conflict in management issues. When partners disagree, and cannot move past that blockade, legal action may be necessary;
  • Shareholder Disputes – Shareholder disputes can arise from a desire by a shareholder to terminate the partnership, from a strong disagreement between the majority of shareholders and an action by the company, and from claims from a minority shareholder that actions of the majority shareholders are illegal, oppressive, or fraudulent;
  • Construction Litigation – Many various problems can arise in construction projects big and small. These arguments arise from plans or scope of the work being done, utilities, cost or pricing disagreements, extension requests, differing site conditions, the owner’s failure to obtain permits, construction defects, and subcontractor problems, among many others;
  • Breach of Contract – Grounds for legal action may exist if one or more parties that have agreed to a binding contract do not honor that contract. Breaching a contract consists of interference or non-performance;
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes – Arguments between landlords and their tenants can be very heated. Under Florida law, once a payment has been made to the landlord, the rental, whether it is a condo, apartment, house, or other, is the tenants to lawfully use. Despite this law, the landlord owns the property, and most likely feels that they are entitled to make all of the decisions surrounding it. Disputes arise from rent increases, overdue payments, renovation or lack thereof, maintenance issues, and many more. Oftentimes, these issues cannot be solved without a third party intervention;
  • Fraud and Financial Misconduct – Fraud is the purposeful deception that one person or company uses against another for financial gain. In order to fully understand just how rampant and devastating fraud is, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners conducted a worldwide study that found that the average institution lost five percent of its revenue to fraud annually. The median loss was $140,000 for each company. Financial misconduct includes misappropriation of assets, theft of assets, forgery, financial misconduct, intentional misstatements of operations or records, and many others;
  • Banking Litigation – We cover a wide array of banking litigation matters both vast and small;
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) – Members of organized crime syndicates who conduct crimes to benefit an organization will be charged as racketeers. Examples of racketeering include money laundering, obstruction of justice and bribery, extortion, and loan sharking;
  • Officer and Director Defense – At times, executives can be at risk of personal liability, especially now due to the harsh economic environment. Executives can be charged with fraud, corporate waste, shareholder derivative, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret misappropriation, shareholder oppression, and more;
  • Franchise Law – A franchise is the operation of a branded institution by a third party company, with permission from the owner. As such, disputes often arise. An experienced attorney needs to be familiar with both federal and state franchise laws;
  • Trademark and Copyright Litigation – Trademark and copyright disputes arise when a company believes their legally owned intellectual property or branded property is used without their consent. Lawsuits deriving from these situations can be substantial depending on the circumstances; and
  • Other Commercial Litigation Situations.

In these situations, we provide pragmatic legal representation, with your business budget in mind. We work to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible, always considering your best interests for meeting your present objectives and long-term business goals.

Personal Attention from Experienced West Palm Beach Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Discover the difference of having your commercial litigation matter handled through the personal attention of a small firm staffed by attorneys with over 16 years of big firm experience. If you are experiencing a commercial litigation or other business dispute in Palm Beach, Broward or Dade County, please do not hesitate to contact us at 561-291-8298 and arrange for a free consultation.

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