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West Palm Beach Bar Complaints & Grievances Attorney

Top-Rated Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys Defending Bar Complaints and Grievances

 At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our West Palm Beach bar complaints & grievances attorneys are committed to providing strong and sophisticated legal representation to lawyers and law firms. We defend legal professionals facing grievances and complaints filed with or by the Florida Bar. Our legal team assists clients during every stage of the complaint and grievance process. To arrange a fully private initial consultation, please contact us right away.

Understanding the Florida Bar Complaint/Grievance Process

The filing of a bar complaint or formal grievance can put a tremendous amount of stress on a lawyer and their law firm — it could even put their career and professional reputation at risk. Every bar complaint must be taken seriously. It is imperative that attorneys are able to effectively defend themselves. In Florida, the complaint/grievance process has several stages, including:

  1. Screening By ACAP: When a lawyer receives notification from the Florida Bar that a complaint has been filed, they will have 15 days to submit a response. The complaint and the response will be reviewed by the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). Florida’s ACAP can dismiss the complaint or determine that additional investigation is warranted.
  2. Referral to Disciplinary Counsel: If further investigation is deemed to be necessary, ACAP will refer the complaint to a disciplinary counsel — most likely a local grievance committee. At this point, there will be further investigation, an evidentiary hearing, and, potentially, summary arguments. The grievance committee must determine whether or not there is probable cause to move forward.
  3. Formal Complaint with the Florida Supreme Court: If there is a finding of probable cause, a formal complaint will typically be filed with the Florida Supreme Court. After a formal complaint is filed, an attorney will only have 20 days to submit an answer. The Florida Supreme Court will then assign a case to a county court judge or circuit court judge to preside as a referee. 

How Our Bar Complaint Defense Attorneys Can Help

We are proud to be Florida’s premier bar complaint defense law firm. Our goal is to resolve grievances at the lowest possible level and in the most efficient possible manner. Our Florida bar complaint defense attorneys handle the full range of cases. Among other things, we are prepared to:

  • Work to resolve issues before complaints have been filed;
  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the case;
  • Respond to initial inquiries or complaints;
  • Represent lawyers before the grievance committees;
  • Handle proceedings before a referee; and
  • Represent legal professionals in sanction hearings and appeals.

Speak to a West Palm Beach Legal Malpractice Attorney Today

At Pike & Lustig, LLP, we have extensive experience defending bar complaints and grievances in Florida. If you a Florida lawyer who is facing a bar complaint, we are here to help. For a fully private consultation, please contact us today. From our law offices in Miami and West Palm Beach, we represent lawyers and law firms throughout South Florida, including in Miami-Dade County, Martin County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

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