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Miami Partnership Disputes Attorney

Disputes are bound to happen when a business is run by two or more partners. While it is sometimes impossible to avoid them, there are instances in which a dispute arises and it is fairly easy to resolve. With the proper documents in place, such as a partnership agreement, disputes can even be avoided altogether. A partnership agreement can outline the roles and responsibilities of each partner and are best entered into at the beginning of the business arrangement. A Miami partnership disputes attorney can help you draft an agreement and litigate on your behalf when a dispute arises.

Types of Partnership Disputes

Any time two or more partners disagree, it can lead to a dispute. However, there are some types of partnerships disputes that are more common than others. They include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Salary-related disputes, such as disbursement
  • Accusations of misrepresentation and fraud
  • Non-compete violations
  • Access to records disputes
  • Disputes involving the partnership agreement
  • Forced business sales
  • Defamation between partners
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Employment-related disputes
  • Other contractual disputes
  • Embezzlement
  • Wrongful interference with a business opportunity
  • Wrongfully expelling a partner from the business

When these disputes arise, litigation is sometimes necessary, but there are other ways to resolve these disagreements, as well.

When Litigation is Necessary

Most business owners want to avoid litigation. It is not only costly, but it is also time-consuming and harms the business. When a business dispute involves two partners, litigation is also very damaging to that relationship. As such, it is not surprising that in many cases, partners will turn towards a form of dispute resolution.

Partners that need to settle a legal dispute but are still amicable with each other and want to preserve that relationship can enter into mediation or arbitration. During mediation, the partners will meet with a neutral mediator that will attempt to bring the two parties to an agreement. When mediation does not work, the parties can then enter litigation.

Arbitration is different from mediation. Arbitration is similar to litigation in the way that an arbitrator will listen to arguments from both sides. They will then make a decision on the matter, which is legally binding.

Although alternative dispute resolution methods may work, there are times when litigation is typically necessary. These scenarios include:

  • Merger and acquisition disputes
  • Disagreements involving long-term goals and business objectives
  • Disputes surrounding profit share or seniority
  • Disagreements about unbalanced workloads
  • Partners acting outside of formation agreements

Regardless of the type of dispute you are facing, it is critical that you speak to a Miami business litigation lawyer as soon as possible.

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