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Florida Partnership Disputes Attorney

Even when business partners have a good working relationship, disagreements are still going to happen. When these disputes become very heated and mediation or litigation is required, it is important to ensure your interests and rights are protected. A Florida partnership disputes attorney can represent you during these disagreements and give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Common Partnership Disputes

Any disagreement in a partnership can turn into a legal issue. However, there are some types of disputes that are more common than others. These are as follows:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Every partner in a business owes a fiduciary duty to all other partners. That fiduciary duty requires all partners to act in the best interests of all other partners and the business. When any partner does not fulfill that duty, such as if they used their position for a personal benefit that harmed the business, it will result in a legal dispute.
  • Misuse of business resources or funds: When partners disagree on how to use money or other resources within the business, it can lead to a disagreement. Often, these disputes can be resolved without harming the business but sometimes, legal action is necessary.
  • Disagreements on goals for the business: Things in business change all the time. Opportunities may come up one partner wants to pursue while the other does not. Or, two partners may have different goals for the future of the business. When these disputes arise, they may result in legal action.
  • Decision-making authority: Disputes arise when partners cannot agree on which partner has the authority to make certain decisions. These disputes are extremely common and when they arise, you should speak to a Florida partnership dispute lawyer.

While disputes within a partnership are not uncommon, they are sometimes preventable. A partnership agreement can help partners avoid these disputes, but it is important to speak to a lawyer that can help you draft an agreement that is thorough and addresses all key issues.

What to Include in a Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement can prevent disputes before they even arise within the partnership. All partnerships in Florida should be supported with one of these documents that can outline several key factors, including:

  • The rights and responsibilities of each partner
  • The financial obligations of each partner
  • A clear plan for when partners must make difficult decisions
  • A method for resolving disagreements
  • Provisions for the dissolution of the partnership

A Florida partnership dispute lawyer can help you draft an agreement and ensure it contains the most important provisions so you are protected.

Our Partnership Dispute Lawyers in Florida Can Help with Your Dispute

Whether you are already in the midst of a dispute, or you want to prevent disputes from occurring within your business, our Florida partnership dispute lawyers are here to help. At Pike & Lustig, LLP, we understand how destructive partnership disputes are to a business. We will fight to uphold your rights, and help you draft important documents so you avoid disputes altogether. Call us today at 561-291-8298 or fill out our online form to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.

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