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Miami Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney

Landlords and tenants often become entangled in minor tiffs that eventually turn into large legal disputes. The experienced Miami landlord tenant dispute attorneys of Pike & Lustig, LLP offer professional legal services to Miami landlords who may be engaged in a variety of disputes with their tenants. If your tenant has failed to pay rent on time for months, is using the premises for suspected illegal activities, has had numerous noise complaints and other ordinance violations, or has filed a lawsuit against you for discrimination or any other act, you need an attorney at once.

Having a Difficult Tenant can Make Life Miserable

We represent businesses and individuals who are having issues with their tenants. You may be holding up your end of the bargain, but that does not mean that your tenant is complying with their lease. Common disputes we help resolve include the following:

  • The tenant has failed to pay their rent;
  • The tenant has been violating city codes and ordinances. According to Huffington Post, tenant violations of city codes is the leading cause of landlord tenant disputes. Violations include occupancy limits, noise violations, parking violations, and more. While the tenant is carrying out the act, the landlord can be held responsible;
  • Property damage. It is not uncommon for a tenant, though a purposeful or accidental act, to cause property damage. When it comes time to, in the tenant’s opinion, give back their security deposit, this is often a point of contention as that deposit is now the landlord’s to use to fix the damage. If serious damage is caused that goes beyond the scope of the security deposit, further legal action may be necessary; and
  • Evictions are often a risky business. If a landlord evicts a tenant after they have been given that month’s rent, the landlord may be in trouble. All evictions require assistance from an attorney to ensure that the landlord does not accidentally do anything unlawful.

Defense of Landlords

Landlords face a variety of legal threats from their tenants if they fail to complete their responsibilities. However, they also face financial threats from their tenants even if they do everything that they are supposed to. We assist landlords by defending them against the following:

  • The tenant claims that the landlord has failed in their responsibility to fix and keep up the property, such as a failure to fix the air conditioning or heater;
  • The tenant claims that the landlord never told them about lead in a structure built before 1978 , or insists that lead in the home is causing health problems;
  • Tenant argues that the living conditions are not safe;
  • Tenant believes that they have been discriminated against. Under the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal for a landlord to discriminate against a tenant due to their race, religion, national origin, color, sex, family status, or handicap.

Reach Out to a Miami Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney

The experienced Miami landlord tenant dispute attorneys of Pike & Lustig, LLP are capable of handling any dispute that you may have with your tenant. Tenant issues should be taken as a serious threat to your business and finances. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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