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Miami Shareholder & Partnership Dispute Attorney

Shareholders and partners are valuable to a company in that they provide finances, discipline, and information to grow the business. However, these benefits erode when there are disputes between shareholders and partners at a company. At Pike & Lustig, LLP our Miami shareholder & partnership dispute attorneys represent clients in various business disputes. Whether you are a business shareholder, partner, or majority owner, we understand your case will be complex and we have the experience necessary to resolve it with your best interests in mind.

How Are Shareholder and Partner Disputes Resolved?

  • Mediation – In mediation both parties will work with a third-party, a mediator, to air grievances, discuss concerns, voice their preferred outcomes, and reach an agreement. Any agreement made in mediation is considered voluntary and non-binding. Mediation may take place in one room or, if the parties involved are not engaging in direct communication, the mediator may move between the parties.
  • Arbitration – Arbitration is similar to mediation. The crucial difference is that arbitration is considered binding and final. Essentially, the arbitrator makes the final decision after hearing both parties’ sides.
  • Litigation – Litigation is the most complex way to resolve business disputes but often it is necessary. An experienced, dedicated attorney will fight aggressively in your best interests, so that you can continue to focus on the future of your business or investments.

Types of Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Businesses have a duty to both their shareholders and their stakeholders, the latter being their employees, customers, and society at large. When either the shareholders or the stakeholders get much more attention than the other, there are bound to be disputes. Partnership disputes are also a common way that businesses crumple. When partner A wants the direction of the business to go the opposite way that partner B wants, the two must find a way to resolve the conflict before it begins to seriously jeopardize the well being of the company. For either type of dispute, be it shareholder or partnership, an experienced attorney is needed to step in and figure out a comprehensive plan to put the issue to rest. Some of the most common types of disputes that arise with shareholders or partners include the following:

  • Breach of fiduciary duties;
  • Appraisal rights;
  • Dissolution;
  • Shareholder-derivative lawsuits;
  • Injunctions for trade-secret violations;
  • Non-compete agreements;
  • Independent contractor agreements;
  • Non-solicitation agreements; and
  • Employment agreements.

Contact the Miami Business Attorneys at Pike & Lustig Today 

According to the Wall Street Journal, companies are seeing record numbers of shareholder lawsuits. Shareholders and partners are often at odds with each other any time there are business disruptions, stock losses, or failed new products. Unfortunately, disputes that are not properly handled can ruin a business. The Miami shareholder & partnership dispute attorneys at Pike & Lustig know how much work goes into building a business and we want to help you protect your interests. We handle cases in mediation, arbitration, and have the experience necessary to represent you in the courtroom should that become necessary. Contact our offices today to learn more.

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