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One Killed In Tragic T-Bone Tractor Trailer Crash In Palm Beach County


According to a report from WPTV NBC 5 News, a Fort Pierce, FL man was killed in a tragic tractor trailer crash in Palm Beach County. A preliminary investigation determined that the man’s SUV T-boned an oncoming semi-truck. Here, our West Palm Beach truck accident lawyer explains what we know about the crash and discusses the high risk of T-bone collisions.

Fatal T-Bone Truck Accident Reported Near Royal Palm Beach and Wellington 

A fatal crash occurred near the towns of Royal Palm Beach and Wellington in Palm Beach County, Florida. Law enforcement officers report that a 30-year-old man driving an SUV was killed after he turned his vehicle in front of an oncoming tractor trailer. The driver was attempting to make a left-hand  onto a road called Forest Hill Boulevard. Tragically, it was T-boned by colliding with the semi-truck. The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. A preliminary inquiry determined that the tractor trailer had the right-of-way, though a more comprehensive investigation by the  Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is still ongoing.

T-Bone Tractor Trailer Accidents are Extremely Dangerous 

Commercial truck T-bone accidents—sometimes also referred to  as side-impact collisions—are among the most dangerous types of crashes on the road. These accidents occur when a truck collides with another vehicle from the side, forming a “T” shape. Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, the impact can be catastrophic and lead to serious injuries or fatalities for drivers and passengers in the smaller vehicle. It is imperative that large commercial trucks are operated in the safest possible manner.

T-Bone Accident Claims: The Right-of-Way Often a Key Legal Issue 

Florida has a no-fault auto insurance law in place. That being said, serious crashes in our state are generally still fault-based claims. In fault-based T-bone accident claims―whether they involve a commercial truck or any other types of vehicles—the right-of-way is often a central legal issue.

Many T-bone accidents occur when one driver fails to yield to another at an intersection or when a commercial truck driver makes an improper turn. In some cases, the right-of-way may be clearly defined by traffic signals or signs, while in others it may be less clear.

In Florida, Determining who had the right-of-way can be crucial in determining fault and liability for the accident. All serious T-bone accidents should be carefully and comprehensively investigated by an experienced Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer.

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