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Leonard S. Feuer

Leonard S. Feuer

Leonard S. Feuer is Of Counsel to Pike and Lustig, LLP.

Criminal Defense Lawyer and Commercial Litigator Joins Pike & Lustig as Of Counsel

Pike & Lustig is pleased to announce that West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Leonard S. Feuer has joined the firm as Of Counsel. The addition of Feuer means Pike & Lustig now offers Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime Defense and further adds to its robust business litigation department.

Feuer provides a superior level of advocacy for his clients and strives every day to deliver that level of representation, serving the community of South Florida as an attorney since 2001. Feuer has a wealth of criminal trial experience and knowledge of the law, having served as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney for over 15 years. Upon graduating from the University of Miami School of Law in 2001, he practiced law on behalf of the people of the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County. While he was a prosecutor in Miami, he was chosen to be a supervising attorney, training new attorneys in methods of prosecution.

In 2004, Feuer co-founded Forensis Technologies, a premier provider of digital document imaging services and litigation support to the South Florida legal community. While managing Forensis Technologies, Feuer continued to practice law and represent clients.

In 2006, Feuer joined the State Attorney’s Office for Palm Beach County, as an Assistant State Attorney. Again, he was elevated to the position of supervising trial attorney. In 2007, he was recruited to head the criminal litigation division of a national law firm, where he was employed until forming The Feuer Law Firm, in 2010.

Today, Feuer defends a wide breadth of state and federal criminal cases, including criminal traffic offenses, including DUI, misdemeanors, violent felonies, and other complex felony trial cases such as racketeering, trafficking, fraud, capital sexual battery and murder, and he also represents businesses and business owners in both state and federal courts.

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