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The Most Common Reasons Why Pedestrian Collisions Occur in Florida


Pedestrian collisions are a significant safety problem in our country. According to official government data, approximately 140,000 pedestrians seek emergency medical attention after a collision each year. Although pedestrian accidents can happen for a wide range of different reasons, many of these crashes share similar causes. Here, our Miami pedestrian accident attorneys highlight five of the most common reasons why pedestrian collisions happen in Florida.

  1. Distracted Driving

The single leading cause of pedestrian accidents in South Florida is distracted driving. The majority of pedestrian collisions occur because a driver simply failed to notice the presence of a pedestrian in or near the road. A driver may be distracted by a cell phone, a conversation with a passenger, or they may simply lose their focus. Regardless, distracted driving is dangerous driving. It poses a serious safety risk to everyone else on the road, especially pedestrians. 

  1. Speeding

Speeding is dangerous—particularly in residential areas, urban settings, or other places with a lot of pedestrians around. Drivers need to slow down when pedestrians are near. Not only does speeding increase the risk that a pedestrian collision will occur, but it makes any crash all the more likely to result in a catastrophic injury or a fatality.

 Running Red Lights or Stop Signs

Most pedestrians enter the roadway at intersections. Motorists must take extra care with passing intersections. When drivers run red lights or roll through stop signs, they put innocent people in harm’s way. A driver who runs a red light or runs a stop sign is negligent and they must be held accountable for any injuries caused by their careless actions. 

  1. Rushed or Careless Left Turns (Unprotected Left Turn)

An unprotected left turn is one where the driver making it does not have a green arrow. Instead, they either have a solid green light or there is no stop light at all. In effect, this means that the driver does not have the right of way. They must wait until the roadway is clear before turning.

However, in too many cases, motorists try to rush through unprotected left turns when they see an opening in the traffic. Unfortunately, they do not always look forward to the street that they are entering. A pedestrian may already be crossing that road and a serious crash could happen. 

  1. Unsafe Behavior By Pedestrian

Not all pedestrian accidents are caused by careless drivers. Pedestrians need to take proper precautions to protect their own safety. Not only is the failure to do so dangerous, an injured pedestrian could even be held partially or fully liable for their own accident under Florida’s comparative negligence standard.

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