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Wells Fargo Agrees to $1 Billion in Shareholder Lawsuit


According to a report from The Washington Post, Wells Fargo—the massive San Francisco-based financial services company—has agreed to pay out approximately $1 billion to settle a shareholder lawsuit. The shareholder complaint alleged that the company made material misrepresentations to shareholders regarding its efforts to resolve the 2016 fake account scandal that rocked the industry. Here, our South Florida shareholder dispute lawyers discuss the details of this case.

Background: A Major “Fake Account” Scandal Hit Wells Fargo in 2016 

The 2016 Wells Fargo scandal erupted when it was revealed that the bank’s employees had opened millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts on behalf of Wells Fargo clients without their consent. Regulators assert that the bank used unethical tactics, including the use of client details to create false accounts without their knowledge.

The bank initially had to pay $185 million in fines and penalties and subsequently faced more financial punishment due to ongoing lawsuits and settlements. The scandal damaged Wells Fargo’s reputation and led to the resignation of then CEO, John G. Stumpf. It also resulted in stricter regulations for the banking industry, emphasizing the importance of ethical business practices.

 Shareholder Settlement: Wells Fargo Pays $1 Billion 

Shareholders filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo on the grounds that corporate executives at the company misled investors in regards to the 2016 “fake account scandal.” As reported by The Washington Post, the financial services giant has now consented to a $1 billion settlement to resolve a lawsuit. Notably, the shareholder lawsuit argued that Wells Fargo’s corporate leaders  misrepresented the extent to which the company adhered to federal regulations.

Among other things, the shareholders accused Wells Fargo and its senior executives of persistently deceiving them between May 2018 and March 202. They allege that the company falsely claimed that federal regulators were content with the bank’s remedial measures under consent orders and that the imposed asset cap would be promptly lifted. However, that was simply not the case. As of 2023, the cap has still not been listed.

 A Federal Order Prohibits Wells Fargo From Growing its Business (Still in Place) 

Wells Fargo is still under a Federal Reserve order prohibiting its business expansion until its internal oversight issues are satisfactorily addressed. This directive, introduced in 2018, was initially anticipated to last one to two years, but further violations of consumer protection laws have extended it. Since the 2016 scandal, the bank has paid billions in fines to regulators and has seen a turnover of top executives and board members. Recently, another class action lawsuit was filed against the bank, accusing it of knowingly facilitating fraudulent companies to open accounts. 

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