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Ask These Questions When Speaking To Personal Injury Attorneys


If you are injured in an accident, you may be thinking of getting a good personal injury attorney. You’re already making good decisions; getting a qualified injury attorney is the best thing you can do after an accident.

But once that decision is made, it’s time to select a personal injury attorney. You may be inundated with ads, mailers, and personal referrals from friends and family. And at some point, you may narrow down your selections, and settle on a few firms that you want to speak to about whether they will represent you or not.

What questions should you ask your potential attorney to see if they are the right lawyer for you?

Does the Attorney Handle Your Kind of Case?

Many attorneys say they do personal injury, but that’s a broad category. From the common, like car accidents, to the complex, like products liability, to specialty cases, like malpractice or constriction site accidents—personal injury includes all of these. Does your attorney actually handle the category of personal injury that your case involves?

Who Will be Working on Your Case?

A law firm is a team, and many firms are staffed with highly qualified law clerks, legal assistants and paralegals. Who will be doing what on your case, and who are the people that you will be interacting with when you call?

Which Lawyer Will Handle Your Case?

In many firms, a case is handled by a team of lawyers—your case may have a senior partner as well as an associate assigned to it. That’s fine, and many younger lawyers are just as hungry and passionate about helping you as more experienced lawyers. What matters is that you ask, so you know or have a familiarity with all the lawyers who may be handling your case and answering your questions when you call.

Does Your Firm Go To Trial?

Not every injury case ends up in trial. And not every injury case should go to trial. But just in case, it’s good to know that your firm does go to trial, and knows how to prepare you and your case for trial, if it is needed.

What Will the Other Side Say?

Almost no case is perfect; the other side will have defenses, and reasons why they don’t think you deserve what you think you deserve. Of course, your attorney doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he or she should be able to generally anticipate the defenses that you will face in court, and what the Defendant will say are the reasons why they feel you don’t deserve compensation.

How Will Your Medical Bills Get Paid?

Because this is just an initial consultation, your attorney may not know your individual financial situation, or all of your insurance information. But based on prior experience and other clients the attorney should be able to tell you generally what insurance will pay what, and how you will afford to get the medical treatment you need.

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