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Category Archives: Nursing Home Abuse


Nursing Home Negligence and How to File A Claim

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

There are many people who reach the final stretch of their lives without anyone being able to take care of them and meet their needs. When it is time to leave home and enter a residence, there are many doubts that arise around the good care of our loved ones. Fragility and lack of… Read More »

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Fears of Elder Abuse Call for Bills Allowing Webcams in Nursing Homes

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

Making the decision to put Grandma or Grandpa in a nursing home is not always an easy one. Expecting a family member to serve as a caretaker is not always feasible, but there are so many incidents of nursing home staff members behaving badly and causing patients to suffer injury and even death. The… Read More »

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Ways to Spot Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

Placing an elderly loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult decision. After all, it involves trusting other people with the care of important family members. It can be made even more difficult given the prevalence of nursing home abuse. In fact, over 40 percent of elders in nursing homes have experienced… Read More »

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