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Construction Litigation: Miami Company Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged “Shoddy” Work


According to a report from The Real Deal, the Lennar Corporation—a Miami-based home construction company—is facing a lawsuit from a group of homeowners in Homestead. The homeowners’ association alleges that the company’s workmanship was shoddy. Further, the association also contends that the construction company failed to repair and resolve the construction defect after being notified. Here, our Miami commercial litigation attorneys discuss the allegations against the South Florida construction company.

Construction Lawsuit: Homeowners Allege Construction Defects  

The Martinique at the Oasis is a 241 unit, townhome style community in Homestead, Florida. Located on Mediterranean Boulevard, the residential properties were built by the Lennar Corporation, which is one of Florida’s largest construction companies. In a lawsuit filed in the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, the homeowners’ association for this property alleges the construction company’s workmanship was poor and that it failed to take action to address construction defects.

The Claim: Stucco Defects Allowed for Water Intrusion 

Stucco is a fine plaster that is used to coat wall surfaces. It is a product that is used on many residential properties in South Florida. Stucco must be installed with proper attention and care. When not applied properly, stucco can cause very serious problems for homeowners. Among other things, defective stucco often allows for water intrusion. There can be exterior damage, interior damage, and mold damage.

In this lawsuit, the Homestead, FL homeowners allege that the Lennar Corporation used shoddy workmanship in installing stucco to the structures. The plaintiffs contend that the company was made aware of the construction defects in 2018, when cracks in the stucco started to appear on exterior walls. The association of homeowners then hired an independent building consultant to assess and document the issue. According to the homeowners’ association, the Lennar Corporation was notified of the matter, but the company dismissed it on the grounds that the initial complaint was too vague.

Homeowners are Seeking Compensation for Construction Defects 

The homeowners’ association alleges that the Lennar Corporation was negligent and that it failed to abide by relevant building codes. In the construction defect lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking financial relief for damages. Among other things, the homeowners’ association wants financial relief to pay for repairs as well as prejudgement interest, postjudgment interest, and related legal costs. For its part, the Lennar Corporation declined to comment on the case because it is still an ongoing legal matter. Litigation is currently pending in Miami-Dade County. 

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our Florida construction litigation lawyers are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients. We have experience serving both contractors and property owners. If you have any questions about construction defects, we are more than ready to help. To set up a strictly confidential initial consultation with an experienced business litigation attorney, please call us now. We have law offices in Miami and West Palm Beach and handle construction defect claims throughout South Florida.




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