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Disney Locked in Contract Dispute With Former General Contractor


According to a report from Florida Politics, the state’s largest and most prominent corporation—Disney—is locked in a contract dispute with the former general contractor for its massive Walt Disney World hotel renovation project. The protracted contract dispute over the problematic construction project is currently set for trial starting on April 22nd, 2024 in a circuit court in Orange County. Here, our Miami commercial litigation attorney discusses the dispute between Disney and its former general contractor.

Background: Disney Locked in Construction Contract Dispute (Walt Disney World Hotel) 

Disney is currently embroiled in a breach of contract dispute with Validus Construction—an Orlando, FL based contractor—over a renovation project at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. The company was hired by Disney as the general contractor for the massive renovation of the Walt Disney World Hotel. That hotel has more than 1,000 rooms. The company was eventually fired by Disney as the general contractor on the project after some problems. After Validus Construction was removed, one of the subcontractors was promoted to general contractor status.

 Validus Construction Services Sued Disney and Disney and Subcontractors Counterclaimed 

The lawsuit, which was originally filed by Validus Construction, alleges breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, and other issues. The company argues that issues were  compounded by Disney’s refusal to delay the project to deal with pressing fire code issues. The contractor contends that Disney’s unjustified breach of contract severely impacted their business.

Notably, this dispute has led to multiple lawsuits. In effect, Disney and six of its subcontractors filed a counterclaim against the plaintiff. Among other things, that counter lawsuit alleges that Validus Construction failed to meet project deadlines and that it failed to follow its payment obligations to the project’s subcontractors.

 A Two-Week Bench Trial is Set to Kick Off (Dozens of Scheduled Witnesses)

 For the last several years, the parties to this case have been locked in pre-trial breach of contract proceedings. There have been multiple attempts at negotiation, but no agreement has been reached. As such, litigation on this breach of contract case is about to begin. With April 22nd as the first day of the (scheduled) two-week trial, dozens of witnesses are set to testify. Judge John E. Jordan of the Orange County Circuit Court is presiding over the commercial litigation. Given that there is such an extensive list of witnesses, the trial will address a wide range of claims and counterclaims that have been raised by the parties since the start of litigation in 2020.

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