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Five Tips for Resolving a Partnership Dispute Through a Buyout

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Are you involved in a difficult dispute with a business partner? There may be no reasonable path forward for both you and your partner to remain in the business. However, that does not mean that you need to resolve your issue through litigation. In some cases, negotiating a buyout can be a cost effective and efficient way to resolve a high-conflict partnership dispute. Here, our West Palm Beach partnership dispute attorneys offer five tips for resolving a partnership dispute through a buyout.

  1. Keep Open, Honest Lines of Communication 

Communication is one of the keys to resolve any partnership dispute. Even if a buyout agreement is ultimately the best path forward, it is crucial that business partners are able to maintain open and honest communication through the negotiation process. There should be a space where all partners feel heard and understood. Active listening and empathetic understanding can help in reaching a mutual agreement and ensure all partners are on the same page before moving forward. 

  1. Evaluate All Options—Determine Whether or Not A Buyout is Truly Best 

A buyout agreement can be an effective way to resolve an impasse between business partners—but it is not always the best path forward. All alternative options should always be considered and evaluated. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of proceeding with a buyout versus other alternative solutions—such as restructuring the partnership or going to business mediation. 

  1. Get a Comprehensive Business Valuation 

You cannot negotiate a buyout agreement to resolve a partnership dispute unless you know the true value of the business. A comprehensive and proactive business valuation is a must. You need to know exactly how much the company is worth before you can determine the value of a specific partner’s stake for the purposes of a buyout. 

  1. Consider Options for Structured Buyout 

Financing a buyout is often a key challenge. You may not have all of the immediate liquidity within the business itself. A structured buyout can ease the financial strain on the buying partner and ensure continuity in business operations. Partners should consider different buyout structures and choose one that aligns with their financial capacities and long-term business goals. Options may include installment payments, utilizing business assets as collateral, or seeking external financing. 

  1. Draft a Clear and Comprehensive Buyout Agreement

Finally, drafting a clear and comprehensive buyout agreement is a critical step in resolving a partnership dispute through a buyout. A buyout agreement for a business partnership should always be negotiated, drafted, and reviewed by an experienced attorney. The specific language and terms of the contract always matters.

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