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Florida Attorney General Jumps Into Contract Dispute Between the ACC and FSU


The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is locked in an ongoing contract dispute with Florida State University (FSU). The college wants out of the conference early on the grounds of an alleged breach. In turn, the ACC is suing FSU seeking the payment of a massive early termination fee. Florida officials are now stepping in. On January 5th, 2024, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a request seeking the release of certain sensitive documents held by the ACC. Here, our Miami contract litigation lawyer discusses the case in more detail.

An Overview of the Contract Dispute Between FSU and the ACC

 The contract dispute between FSU and the Atlantic Coast Conference ACC centers on revenue concerns and FSU’s commitment to the conference going forward. Many of the nation’s “powerhouse” college football schools are changing conferences. However, FSU is committed to the ACC until the mid-2030’s. The university wants out of the ACC and it filed a lawsuit challenging the contract that binds the school to the league for the next 12 years. The ACC wants to invoke a clause that would require FSU to may more than $500 million in early exit penalties. For its part, FSU argues that the ACC has breached its contract through the mismanagement of media rights and it contends that the contract’s “draconian” exit fees are not legally enforceable.

 Florida Attorney General Wants Comprehensive Documents from the ACC 

Florida State University is a public institution. For that reason, the State of Florida—and its taxpayers and residents—have a vested interest in the ongoing contract dispute between the school and the ACC. With as much as $500 million at stake in direct penalties—and even more in indirect earnings or losses—the contract battle could have a significant impact on educational dollars in Florida. As confirmed in reporting from the Tampa Bay Times, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has now taken significant legal action in the ongoing dispute between FSU and the ACC.

Attorney General Moody sent a public records request to the ACC demanding the immediate release of crucial documents that are being withheld from FSU. These documents include the conference’s “ESPN Agreement” and several other agreements and amendments that have been deemed vital to FSU’s legal battle to leave the ACC. Notably, the ACC had previously demanded that FSU officials travel to North Carolina to view these documents under ACC supervision. That proposed condition for viewing the documents is being challenged by Attorney General Moody.

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