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Former MLB All Star Alex Rodriguez Scores Legal Victory In Dispute With Ex-Business Partner


According to reporting from Forbes, former MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez has scored a significant legal victory in a dispute with his ex-business partner and ex-brother-in-law Constantine Scurtis. Mr. Rodriguez is facing a wide range of allegations from Mr. Scurtis, including a civil RICO lawsuit. However, a Florida Circuit Court has ruled that certain background information unfavorable to Alex Rodriguez cannot be presented as part of the case. Below, our Miami partnership dispute attorneys provide a more detailed explanation of the dispute and the ruling from a Florida judge.

Partnership Dispute: Real Estate Deals Gone Wrong 

Nearly two decades ago, Alex Rodriguez and Constantine Scurtis entered into a business partnership. In 2003, they formally created a partnership called A.C.R.E.I. LLC. For the most part, the investment entity was focused on taking advantage of opportunities in the real estate industry. The two men formed a second business partnership, Newport Property Ventures Ltd., in order to help facilitate contracts and transactions.

For a number of different reasons, there was a falling out. Mr. Scurtis is now alleging that he was unlawfully forced out of the business. He has filed multiple lawsuits against Mr. Rodriguez, including breach of contract claims and a civil RICO claim. The partnership dispute is currently pending in a Florida Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County. Mr. Scurtis is seeking equitable relief and financial compensation for his damages.

An Early Legal Victory for Alex Rodriguez in the Partnership Dispute 

As part of his case, Mr. Scurtis sought to get a wide array of background information that was unfavorable to Alex Rodriguez into court. Most of the specific details center around the steroid scandal that enveloped Mr. Rodriguez in 2009. Eventually, the MLB superstar was suspended for an entire season for his association with a company called Biogenesis and multiple positive steroid tests.

It was a challenging public period for Alex Rodriguez. That being said, a Florida Circuit Court has now ruled that his steroid use and connections to Biogenesis will not be an issue in the partnership dispute with his ex-brother-in-law. As Judge Michael Hanzman explained, the matter “does not bear on any of the issues that are being litigated.”

The ruling serves as a useful lesson for people involved in difficult business partnership disputes. If litigation becomes necessary, a Florida court will not necessarily be interested in hearing every possible reason why the personal and professional relationship broke down. Any evidence raised in court must have a close bearing on the actual issue being litigated. 

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