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Four Things That Will Help You Get to Readmitted to the Florida Bar


For a number of different reasons, an attorney may face disciplinary action from the Florida Bar. As stressful and frightening as this can be, disciplinary action, including suspension or even disbarment, does not have to mean the end of a legal career. Indeed, it is possible to get readmitted to the Florida Bar. In this article, our West Palm Beach reinstatement & readmission procedures attorneys highlight four important things that you should do if you are preparing to seek readmission to the Florida Bar.

  1. Strict Compliance With the Disciplinary Order is a Must

First and foremost, lawyers seeking readmission to the Florida Bar must strictly comply with the terms of the disciplinary order that they have received. Failure to do so is perhaps the single biggest mistake that you could make. As explained by the Florida Bar Association, lack of compliance with specific conditions can, by itself, by grounds to deny readmission. For example, if a disciplinary order requires payment of some form of restitution or disgorgement to a former client, an arrangement should be made to ensure that these terms will be satisfied. It is important to demonstrate action that moves you towards full compliance. 

  1. The Florida Bar Wants Proof of Repentance

In addition to complying with specific terms of a disciplinary order, the Florida Bar also wants more general evidence of repentance. Lack of repentance, and especially, lack of candor, could make readmission far more challenging. Typically, attorneys who are deemed to have taken responsibility for the conduct that initially led to sanctions will have a far easier time gaining readmission to the Florida Bar. 

  1. Be Ready to Show Evidence of Positive Moral Character

Beyond showing evidence of repentance, the Florida Bar also wants to see some type of proof of positive moral character. Demonstrating that, in some manner, you have behaved in a positive way—both in a professional capacity and in personal capacity—can help to support a claim for readmission to the bar. 

  1. Seek Help From an Experienced Florida Bar Readmission Attorneys Today

Finally, it is highly recommended that legal professionals who are seeking readmission to the Florida Bar Association seek guidance from an experienced attorney. A bar readmission lawyer will be in the best position to review the specific circumstances of your case—including the terms of the disciplinary order—and take action to help you put together a strong, compelling application that supports readmission. The sooner you begin taking action to build a case for being readmitted or reinstated, the easier the process will be.

At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our top-rated legal malpractice attorneys are proud to be the lawyers’ lawyer. We represent legal professionals in the full range of professional issues, including in seeking readmission or reinstatement to the Florida bar. No matter the nature of your case, we are here to get you answers and to protect your rights. For a fully private legal consultation, please call us today. With offices in West Palm Beach, Wellington and Miami, we serve clients throughout the state of Florida.

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