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Four Things You Should Do Before You Sign a Business Contract


Contracts are the cornerstone of modern commercial relationships. A business that relies on well-crafted, properly executed agreements is a business that is far more likely to thrive in the current economic environment. Unfortunately, many Florida companies run into serious problems with their contracts.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and operators make involves signing a contract too quickly. At PIke & Lustig, LLP, our dedicated West Palm Beach commercial law attorneys want to ensure that your business contracts are always in the best interests of your company. Here, we list four things that you should always do before finalizing an agreement.

  1. Read the Entire Contract

Have you read every term included within the agreement? Do you understand all of the provisions and contract language? If not, you should hold off on finalizing the deal. You need to understand the precise duties and obligations that the contract puts on you and your company. Do not hesitate to get help from an experienced South Florida contract review attorney. Your lawyer can review the agreement and help you understand the full implications of any complex terms or provisions. 

  1. Get a Copy of the Agreement, and Keep All Documents

When you sign an agreement, you need to be sure that you not only have a copy of the final contract, but that you have access to copies of all other relevant documents. In the event that a dispute does arise, evidence becomes extremely important. Good record keeping is sometimes the difference between winning and losing a breach of contract lawsuit. 

  1. Make Sure There Are No Remaining Blank Terms

Often, standardized form contracts have a significant number of blank terms. Do not put your signature on an agreement if there are still blank terms left untouched. Make sure that every issue is fully resolved before you finalize and execute a contract. In too many cases, blank terms and unresolved issues turn up in major contract disputes. Take a little more time to iron out every detail. 

  1. Get the Contract Reviewed By an Attorney

If you are signing an especially complex or high-value agreement, there is no reason to review the agreement alone. It is strongly in your best interest to work with an experienced professional. Get your contract to an experienced South Florida business lawyer for a comprehensive review. Your lawyer will listen to your business’s needs and objectives and make sure that the agreement is actually properly drafted and in your best interests. 

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our commercial litigation lawyers have deep experience handling all aspects of contract law cases. If you need help drafting, reviewing, negotiating, or litigating a business agreement, we are here for you.

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