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Judge Declines To Approve Shareholder Litigation Settlement In AMC Case

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According to a report from Deadline, a judge has denied a proposed “quick” settlement in a shareholder lawsuit centered around AMC. At this time, the settlement terms will not be executed. Though, the parties may still eventually be able to resolve the matter in a manner that satisfies the court. Here, our Miami shareholder litigation lawyer highlights the key things to understand about this case and settlement approval by judges more generally.

Background: AMC Gained National Attention as a So-Called “Meme Stock” 

In early 2021, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC) gained national attention as a so-called “meme stock,” thanks to the coordinated efforts of a group of online traders on social media platforms, with the most notable one being Reddit. These traders banded together to drive up the price of AMC shares, taking advantage of short-sellers who had bet against the struggling movie theater chain. The resulting surge in AMC’s stock price made headlines and sparked widespread discussion about the power of social media to influence financial markets. AMC’s popularity as a meme stock has since faded, but the phenomenon has left a lasting impact on the world of investing. However, a number of different shareholder rights issues remain to be addressed.

Settlement Denied Largely Due to the Speed of the Process 

A preliminary settlement was reached in the AMC shareholder litigation, but it will not move forward at this point. The judge presiding over a lawsuit involving meme stock shareholders and AMC Entertainment has refused to approve a settlement that would permit the company to convert its AMC Preferred Equity units into common stock. This decision is believed to be related to the rapid pace of the settlement rather than its content. Despite the majority of AMC shareholders supporting the measures, the judge’s decision maintains the previously scheduled preliminary injunction hearing in the coming weeks.

Why Shareholder Settlements Generally Require Court Approval 

Shareholder settlements generally require court approval because they involve complex legal agreements that impact the rights and interests of multiple parties. Courts ensure that the settlement is fair, reasonable, and in the best interests of the shareholders. Additionally, courts oversee the negotiation process to ensure that all parties have acted in good faith and that the settlement is not the result of coercion or undue influence. Beyond that, court approval provides a measure of legal finality. With the approval from the court, it can help to ensure that future challenges to the settlement. It puts all parties in a better position to move forward with certainty.

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