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Lake County, Florida ATV Crash Turns Deadly

Fourth of July weekend brings both festivities and tragedies. Sure, there are barbeques, baseball games, and beautiful fireworks displays. But there are also accidents, especially in a state like Florida that is home to countless land and sea adventures. One such accident, in Lake County toward the end of this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, claimed the life of a 43-year-old woman, and injured her 21-year-old son. While the son was driving an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV), and the mother riding as a passenger, the ATV entered the path of an oncoming pick-up truck during an attempted road cross. The son is in critical condition in an area medical facility. It is not yet known if alcohol played a role in the collision, though a pending test is at the heart of an ongoing investigation. Depending on facts brought to light by the investigation, the parties may have personal injury or wrongful death claims.

The Risk Posed By ATVs To Riders

ATVs pose elevated risks to drivers and passengers. First, they weigh hundreds of pounds and lack seat belts. Second, they are not subject to the same age-restrictions as traditional vehicles; drivers younger than 16 years of age are permitted to use them. With so many risk factors, ATV accidents are bound to occur. The result can be severe injuries, including broken bones, neck and spinal injuries, and even death. Whether an ATV driver is the cause or victim of an accident, the severity of the resulting injuries can result in medical treatment that is both extensive and expensive. Were this reality not traumatic enough, the injuries can prevent one from working and earning wages at the precise moment medical bills are piling up – a scenario that itself can further exacerbate a bad situation by adding tremendous emotional stress.

What To Do If You Have Been Involved In An ATV Accident

If you have been involved in an ATV accident in the state of Florida, you may benefit from consulting with an experienced Florida accident attorney. You may have a legal claim for damages, and an experienced accident attorney will be able to evaluate the specifics of your ATV accident. Besides ATV operator negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, some accidents are the result on manufacturing or design defects. These defects can cause a vehicle malfunction that in turn causes an accident. Regardless of the scenario, an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer will help to identify the party responsible, whether it be another vehicle operator or a product manufacturer. Time is of the essence in filing a personal injury claim, so reach out to a dedicated ATV accident attorney as soon as possible. The lawyers at Pike & Lustig, LLP will aggressively represent your interests, working to help get you the compensation you need and deserve in the aftermath of an ATV accident.

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