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Motorcyclist Dies After Being Struck by Car Driving the Wrong Way

A 42-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle accident near Miami, Florida, when a car that was going the wrong way crashed into him. The driver of the car was a 20-year-old woman, and it does not appear that there were any passengers in her car at the time of the accident. This accident occurred on I-95 South near the 836/Dolphin Expressway. The motorcyclist was about four car lengths behind an SUV that swerved to miss the wrong-way car. He had little time to react, and when the motorcycle hit the car, his body went through the windshield and into the backseat of the wrong-way car. So far, no charges have been filed against the woman driving the wrong way, who was transported to JMH Trauma Center following the accident. The Florida Highway Patrol said that it is awaiting the result of a toxicology report.

911 Tape Captured Chaotic Scene at the Accident Site

Law enforcement released the 911 tape that details what was happening at the accident scene shortly following the accident. The caller on the tape said, “There’s like, yeah there’s like six cars are stopped. There’s 10 people trying to get him out of the car because he like flipped through the car…and there’s a man, a police officer now helping to break the window.” The caller knew that there was a man in the backseat of the car, and it appears that he knew that it was the motorcyclist who flew through the window, “The motorcyclist and the girl that’s driving the car… Yes, an accident they got in an accident… The woman is awake I don’t know about the guy.”

What can the state of Florida do to prevent wrong-way accidents?

A friend of the victim has started a petition to convince to convince the governor of Florida to do something to prevent future wrong-way car accidents. Many people believe that the government should make it so it is impossible to accidentally cross over onto the wrong side of the road. According to the petition: “Many people believe there should be the spikes on each entrance and off ramps on the highways just like rental car dealerships have, where if you enter the wrong way it will pop your tires, so nobody else has to experience the pain the friends and family are going through.” Over 600 people have signed the petition, which is over halfway to the goal of 1,000 signers.

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