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Netflix Prevails in a Shareholder Lawsuit Over Account-Sharing


On January 8th, 2024, Reuters reported that Netflix prevailed in court in a shareholder lawsuit. The lawsuit—which was brought on behalf of Netflix shareholders between January of 2021 and April of 2022—alleged that the company made material misrepresentations about the extent to which account-sharing was hurting its growth. Here, our Miami shareholder dispute attorney discusses the key legal issues in this case.

The Allegations: Netflix Executives Made Misrepresentations About Account-Sharing

 In 2022, an investment trust based in Texas filed a lawsuit against Netflix, the Silicon Valley streaming giant. The lawsuit—which was filed on behalf of similarly situated shareholders—alleged that Netflix as a corporate entity as well as several of its leading individual executives made material misrepresentations in regards the issue of account-sharing and its effect on the future profitability of the business. Indeed, in a shareholder complaint filed in a federal court, the investment trust alleged that Netflix executives long-knew that accounting sharing was an issue that would undermine its long-term subscriber growth and, as a consequence, reduce earnings.

Note: During the period covered by this lawsuit (January 2021 to April 2022), the value of Netflix shares fell by approximately 50 percent.

 A California Court Ruled in Favor of Netflix 

Upon review, a federal judge in California issued a ruling in favor of Netflix. The judge approved the company’s motion to dismiss the shareholder lawsuit. The case was dismissed on the grounds that the plaintiffs (shareholders) failed to present sufficient evidence that Netflix was aware of the scope account-sharing/subscription growth issue for longer than they publicly represented to investors. However, dismissing the case, the judge allowed the possibility that the lawsuit could be re-filed by shareholders with additional supporting evidence at some point in the future.

Shareholder Litigation is Extraordinarily Complex 

Shareholder litigation—particularly in cases such as the recent one involving Netflix—are complex and highly technical. These lawsuits often pivot on the interpretation of detailed financial disclosures and executive statements, requiring a deep dive into the minutiae of corporate communications and market impacts. Plaintiffs, in this context, are typically required to demonstrate not just that misrepresentations occurred, but also that there was a direct and substantial impact on the company’s financial health or stock performance.

The complexity of shareholder litigation is compounded by a wide array of different factors, including the fundamental challenge of proving executives’ awareness and intent regarding the alleged misrepresentations. The dismissal of the Netflix case underscores the high burden of proof that shareholders must meet, as courts carefully scrutinize the evidence.

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